Heron 56, comfortable and efficient Heron 56, comfortable and efficient
Heron 56, with its unusual lines, is the first motoryacht to be produced by the shipyard founded by Roberto Bello. Our trial showed off... Heron 56, comfortable and efficient

Heron 56, with its unusual lines, is the first motoryacht to be produced by the shipyard founded by Roberto Bello. Our trial showed off excellent sailing capabilities with limited consumption. With two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines our speed exceeded 26 knots

by Angelo Colombo – photo by Andrea Muscatello

 We tried out the Heron 56, our curiosity aroused by its modern, streamlined shape, clearly echoing the lines of sailing boats. This would have been enough to entice us, even before we saw the performance figures published by the shipyard and what engines are installed; we understood that the Heron 56 has something else.

With all that hydrodynamic efficiency we would have expected a particularly fast boat to be presented to the market. Instead, the shipyard has opted to use the efficiency of the hull to improve consumption and maximise comfort, but without excluding the possibility of installing different and more powerful engines than the IPS, from in line transmissions to surface propellers. This choice encapsulates the approach to this handsome 56-foot, vessel with comfortable interiors and ample space outside fitted with care and in an original manner.


From the helm station situated at the centre of the large cockpit, one enjoys a view of the horizon and the edges of the boat that is decidedly conducive to safety both in port and at sea. Ergonomics have been carefully studied, with transparent surfaces correctly placed and the level of comfort is high, including for very long trips and when there is a singly helmsman.

Thanks to the EVC system by Volvo Penta and the control of the engines’ thrust with a joystick, this boat can satisfy the requirement of the owners who like to handle their vessel on their own. Easy, safe, always comfortable and silent, she also boasts low consumption, considering her weight.

On board the Heron 56 one asks why hurry if the pleasure the sailing is perfectly enjoyable and one consumes not much more than100 l/h or little more than 5 litres/ nautical mile at over 20 knots. Although one could even install two Man of 800 hp each, the 435 hp Volvo Penta IPS 600 on this first boat will meet the requirements of a broad public, reflecting the current trend of maximising efficiency to reduce costs and consumption.


With an overall length of nearly 18 metres, manoeuvring in port, especially if it is busy, could be a challenge for some, but thanks to the Volvo Penta joystick and the additional help of the bow thruster it is actually very easy. 18 metres handling with great ease, as if it were a much smaller boat.

Opening the throttle while sailing gives the impression of a being on a much larger boat. The general quietness and lack of vibrations, alongside a gentle progression to cruising speed and then top speed all combine to make one want to spend a lot of time aboard, protected by the wide windscreen and cocooned by sofas, sunbeds and many accessories designed for relaxing.

HERON 56Visibility is excellent, and the trim is held impeccably with the support of the ZipWake system in automatic mode. On a day when the sea was calm, crossing bow waves gave us the opportunity to appreciate the softness of the hull and with its sharp bow, it neither wriggles nor pounds.

The interiors are very comfortable and the fittings are smart, using high-quality materials. The shipyard is also willing to develop highly customised solutions for this model, and has also announced that they have another model ready to join the 56’.

 PROJECT Picco Yacht Design
HULL LOA 17.9m Maximum beam 4.71m Draft 1.2m Ligh mass displacement 14000 kg Full mass displacement 17000 kg  Fuel tank volumes 2200 l  Water tank volume 800 l
MAIN PROPULSION  2 Volvo Penta IPS 600 D6 Outlet mechanical power 320 kW (435 hp) Number of cylinders 6 in line Total swept volume 5500 cc  Maximal rotational speed 3300/min Weight 887 kg including the IPS System
PRICE 970,000 € Exclusive VAT – As standard •1,167,540 as tested

HERON YACHT                  
Lungomare della Salute, 2
Fiumicino (RM)
+39 06 65028807
[email protected]

(Heron 56, comfortable and efficient – BArchemagazine.com – Settembre 2018)

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