Fjord 44 Open, surfing on the waves Fjord 44 Open, surfing on the waves
The new Fjord 44 Open is a sporting open boat, which is quick and lots of fun to steer. It can reach 40 knots... Fjord 44 Open, surfing on the waves

The new Fjord 44 Open is a sporting open boat, which is quick and lots of fun to steer. It can reach 40 knots with two Volvo Penta IPS 600s. The bow cabin is impressively sized

by Luca Sordelli, photo by N. Krauss Hamburg


A scirocco wind, not strong, but annoying and sticky. The waves aren’t high, but they aren’t very nice either, they are short and steep. I come out from Portosole in Sanremo, and things don’t look very promising. In my hands I have a boat that really makes me curious and that I want to try out. I have always liked the Fjord brand, they have created some brave and innovative boats and this 13-metre is going to join a crowded section of the market, not to say an extremely crowded one.

We are talking about open sports boats, with modern lines, which can be day-sailer, boats for short cruises, or also luxury tenders. Boats where the most important factor is what it is like being on deck, but with interiors that can astonish you because of the impression of space. Many yards have their version of this category of boat that is so popular with the market. Finding out how the Fjord 44 will get on really appeals to me.

Fjord 44 open c

Just outside the port we start to open up the throttle, slowly at first. The engine room has two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines. The very first feeling I get is really excellent, three seats for the steering station, with the helmsman in the middle, the throttle in the right pace and easily readable instrumentation. The seats are adjustable, and you can get just the right position.

As I open up the gas a bit I appreciate the protection that the windscreen offers, and also the good visibility. The wind starts to pick up and just as soon as the speed increases, the spray increases, but we stay nice and dry. Whereas above our heads there is the T-top which protects us from the sun, stretching over the first part of the living and dining area behind me.

I tried out a few quick bursts of speeds, and a few turns. So everything that you don’t normally do when cruising, but which is the best way to understand the boat. I immediately liked the way the Fjord 44 Open responds at the helm, it is ready but not anxious. It is pleasant and tempts you to be daring. And so off we went, first at half revs and then at full revs.

The Fjord 44 manages to trace precise trajectories, it leans when I turn as hard as possible, but never in a vertiginous way. The fine hull lines do a good job. At 2,500 rpm it is really nice to travel, it is definitely its economy cruising speed: 87 litres/an hour at just over 25 knots. That means 3.42 litres/mile. Really excellent. I got myself with the waves and wind in my favour, and opened the throttle right up: 38.2 knots.

That is also a good figure and the 40 knots top speed that the yard states seems easily reachable. I found a good half-way house, in terms of speeds, at 3,000 revs and 33 knots, and that is why that is the fast cruising speed. I also greatly appreciated the softness of the hull. You can easily go mad with this kind of sea, with the boat banging away like a machine gun. Here comfort levels are still good, and we flew over the waves by around half a metre without suffering from them much.

Fjord 44 open c

Once back at the quay, I had a close look at the decks and interiors. On Fjord  44 Open deck I very much liked the bow sun area, which you can get round and is a peninsula of 187 x 249 cm, with two lateral sidewalks, which mean you can easily reach the anchor area. The anchor is hidden away, and is activated with a power assisted mechanism worthy of the very latest Transformers film. Really spectacular, although perhaps also a bit too complicated.

We also liked the large integrated bridge in the stern and the protection that the T-Top gives to the dining area, which seats five comfortably, around a fordable central table. On-board you can move around very well, and in relation to this we appreciated the decision to not join up the sofa which is further forward into a single unit. Behind the steering position there is a large, linear external galley, fitted out with that you truly need. I also liked the boom awning which disappears into the T-Top, and which stretches nearly to the transom. The strong grab handles, which run along the entire bulwark also rate highly.

Fjord 44 open c

In terms of the cabin area, the one in the bows has good volumes and is also very luminous: the peninsula-shaped sun lounger above it means that it can have a large number of side windows, as well as those above you, although these are set to be covered by the sun lounger mattress. The storage areas were more than sufficient, as was the headroom: 189 cm in front of the bed and 93 above it. The bathroom also works well, with a separate shower.

The cabin in the stern is definitely more sacrificed, with two bunks, which meet together in an L-shape: it isn’t easy to get into it, and the height over the mattresses is 45 cm. It only works for the smallest in the family. It is no coincidence that the yard also offers an alternative lay-out, with a large technical locker room in place of this cabin.

Shipyard technical department
HULL LOA 13.45m • Length 11.99m • Maximum beam 4.25m • Draft 1.04m • Light mass displacement 9,570 kg • Fuel tank volumes 900 l • Water tank volume 295 l
MAIN PROPULSION 2 Volvo Penta IPS 600 • Outlet mechanical power 320 kW (435 hp) • Number of cylinders 6 • Bore&Stroke 103mm X110mm • Total swept volume 5.5 l • Compression ratio 1.82:1 • Maximal rotational speed 3500/min • Weight 594 kg
PRICE 479,900€ as standard. Excl.VAT equipped with 2 Volvo Penta IPS 500

Blu Service of Sanremo, Fjord distributor for central and northern Italy and Sardinia, provided the boat for the test run.
Blu Service Srl
Via del Castillo 17, Portosole
I-18038 Sanremo
+39 0184 524288
[email protected]

Ladebower Chaussee 11
D-17493 Greifswald, Germany

(Fjord 44 Open, surfing on the waves – – Ottobre 2018)

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