Federico Martini and German Frers, an innovative project Federico Martini and German Frers, an innovative project
Federico Martini of Sirnew who is also board member at Sirena Marine, and German Frers, an established name in the yacht design world, and a... Federico Martini and German Frers, an innovative project

Federico Martini of Sirnew who is also board member at Sirena Marine, and German Frers, an established name in the yacht design world, and a long-standing partner of the yard, told us everything about the Sirena Marine sailing range

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Since its creation in 2006, Sirena Marine has been a leading player both in the sailing world, with its Azuree 33c, 41 and 46, and Euphoria 54, 68and 84, and in the world of motor-powered boats with the Sirena Yachts 58, 64 and 88. Behind it there is a company that also works in the automobile sector, with 550 employees (including 80 engineers) and with a production facility that extends across 155,000 square metres. Federico Martini and German Frers told us about how the brand has evolved over time, how what owners want has changed and what the new Euphoria 84will be like.

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Federico Martini

The Sirena Marine sailing range has now been on the market for over twelve years. We asked Federico Martini what has changed compared with their initial approach.
A lot has changed. At first, we sold high performance, small to medium-sized sailing boats. Our output is now verging towards boats that are Blue Ocean Cruisers. And we are continually aiming towards the high end of the market, towards real luxury products.

Luxury yes, but not luxury for its own sakeThe boats still have a good level of technical content. Yes, absolutely, not least because in the sailing world, luxury is directly equated with performance, so also in terms of technical solutions, the material used and the accessories that are selected and installed. You just have to bear in mind that the rig that is fitted amounts to fifteen per cent of the cost of the boat. That is all money invested to improve the boat’s performance.

German Frers

We looked at the same issue with German Frers, asking him for his opinion from a designer’s point of view.What have been the stylistic elements that have evolved over the past ten years in the range?
There has been the natural evolution that every designer pushes forward over time, the product of experience and knowing more about the world. And then there is the demand that comes from clients, which has most definitely changed. Every owner has different needs compared with before, there is no longer a market for seafaring folk the way there once was, from people who took their boats out for days. Nowadays they want to spend time with family and friends, and they want more comfort. Sometimes they sail with people who aren’t experienced, who probably don’t know anything about sailing. But despite this you have to ensure that owners and their guests get the pleasure of being at sea.

So in just a few words, what do owners want? More luxury, more comfort, and then more space outdoors and a lot of light. Euphoria 68is a faithful reflection of that idea. Additionally, you can customise the interiors a lot, starting from the layout. It is an opportunity that was there right from the start of the project.

Do buyers also want better performance? Definitely. Nowadays they can avoid having so many problems with water depth thanks to the telescopic keel. The two rudders also help a lot to have more control given that the boats are much wider in the stern. They are fast boats, definitely not ones for professional racers, but it is a range of boats made for the pleasure of sailing and being at the helm, and occasionally enjoy an amateur level race.

We talked more about the market with Federico Martini, and of possibilities for the future. Where do you feel you are most competitive? Above all in the 20-metre range, which is where we have the best response from owners. That is also a world in which there are not a lot of competitors, and where there is still room to grow.

How much does product customisation matter to what you do?
A lot. With a 20-metre yacht there is already a lot. We basically set the position of the three main bulkheads, and the areas used for technical purposes, such as the engine room, the air conditioning system and the electrical generator. The owners can then choose between various layouts and get a boat that is to all intents and purposes just as they want it.

What is the model that sells most?
Currently it is the Euphoria 54, the smallest one in the range, but we are also very happy because the 68, our 20-metre boat, is getting excellent results – people like it a lot, and in lots of different countries. That is the best approach to getting it seen and appreciated in markets that are very different from one another. When they see it on the water, potential owners will definitely be interested in it.

Will the range grow with new models?
Yes, in fact we are working with German Frers on two solutions in the 24-metre area, one of which will be slightly shorter than that, which can still fall within the recreational craft category, and one which is slightly larger and which will be classed as a leisure boat.

At this stage we go back to hearing from the designer… It will be a boat with significant interior volumes, with a very large stern area which means that you can be close to the sea, like a real beach club. It is the same boat that is available in two versions, one just under and one just over 24 metres.

Azuree 41

And in terms of materials?
Some people want carbon fibre, but fibreglass is better for cruising: it is less stiff and less noisy. Instead you look at the equipment and fittings. These are 85-foot boats which can easily be handled by two people.

What does Euphoriamean to you as a designer?
It has been a very enjoyable challenge, and I am very happy because I have been involved in it from the start. Both Sirena Marine and my team have worked hard to design boats that have evolved over time. I believe that the Euphoria range boasts excellent features, both in terms of seafaring and how liveable and well organised the interior is. And at a very competitive price.

(Federico Martini and German Frers, an innovative project – Maggio 2019)

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