Ezequiel Farca, eclectic design and love for the sea Ezequiel Farca, eclectic design and love for the sea
The step from the interior design of a home to that of a boat is a short one for Ezequiel Farca, eclectic and open-minded... Ezequiel Farca, eclectic design and love for the sea

The step from the interior design of a home to that of a boat is a short one for Ezequiel Farca, eclectic and open-minded Mexican designer who loves working with light and materials

by Francesca Portoghese, photo by Jaime Navarro and Quin Bisset

 Ezequiel Farca welcomed us aboard the Benetti Mediterraneo 116’ Mr Loui, the fourth yacht with interiors created by the Mexican designer, ensuring that immediate sensation of comfort one perceives when stepping across the threshold of a dream house. His passion for his work and his creations is evident from his very first words to us, suddenly interrupted by the garrulous voices of his two young children who’ve come to see him with his wife.


Benetti_MR LOUI


«It’s not easy explaining to my children what I do. When answering this question, I always try to direct them towards the reason that leads us to choose one job over another. All I can do is talk to them about passion, the trait d’union with which I experience both my family and my work so intensely».He goes on, telling us that these aspects of his life coexist and come together in a blend that is fundamental for him. He also tells us that in order to be successful, a design needs detailed and meticulous study as well as passion.

In fact, Ezequiel Farca does not allow himself to be inspired by improvisation. His most brilliant ideas are always the result of a long period of study that guarantees perfect details. «When I worked with Aereo Mexico», he tells us, «not having ever worked on an aeroplane before, I spent my time poring over books and designs for hours before achieving the right result. I do exactly the same for my boats today».


He’s attended numerous boat shows, visited hundreds of vessels, studied them in depth, grasped their strong points and remembered their defects, in order to come up with «a design up to the standard of the world’s best architects».Only after this did, he start work on his first sketch. Ezequiel Farca lives and works in the Polanco neighbourhood of Mexico City, but his designs know no borders.

Thanks to his ideas, he has imagined and designed the interiors of stunning houses, exhibition spaces and boats, for the enjoyment of those who love the sea and like to savour it in beautiful and comfortable surroundings. In the Mexican capital, the cradle of a new cultural renaissance with a strong global echo, he runs a design studio alongside Cristina Grappin, to which we can add another two studios in Los Angeles and Milan. In Mexico City he benefits from the assistance of thirty professionals who share his passion for the sea. Indeed, his primordial love of sailing is what led him to start designing interiors for super yachts.


It is a feeling that he nourishes and needs to feed on a continuous basis, because contact with nature is what helps him find the calm and tranquillity he needs to live and create. «I began with the publication of a rendering book that I sent to a few clients». As is often the case with things done by chance, this was soon followed by a phone call that launched him onto the yachting scene.«The father of one of my clients was amazed that I was interested in boats and called to tell me he was thinking of buying one. And so I got to work on my first interior design project for a boat: a 24-metre Benetti Crystal. This was in 2015».

The partnership with Benetti continued straight away with a Classic Supreme 132’, the Gitana, followed by the Mediterraneo 116 that is hosting us today. Meanwhile, Ezequiel is currently working on the interior design for a new Benetti Supreme 132’. When he starts a project, he oversees it from start to finish, beginEZEQUIEL FARCA dning with the carpentry.


«I’m also a fairly good cabinetmaker. I review the design countless times, I look after all additions personally, I focus on the details that will guarantee the light I picture for the interiors and I like to pick the materials myself. I do all this with the passion of someone who loves their job and is inspired to do it better by their love of the sea».

(Ezequiel Farca, eclectic design and love for the sea – Barchemagazine.com – Settembre 2018)

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