Yamaha F375 XTO, Japanese V8 family expands
We had seen and tested the biggest of all, the 425 XTO, at the last Genoa Boat Show. During the Boot in Düsseldorf, Yamaha has also launched the new Yamaha F375 XTO, which shares the same technology and is based on the same 5.6-litre V8 block as the 425.... Read more
CGT, the repowering tailors
 On boats both big and small, for propulsion units, or to generate energy on board: the people at CGT know how to breathe new life into boats. Ivan Goldstaub and Manuel Berettieri explained to us what repowering means these days in the nautical world by Luca Sordelli Their work is... Read more
Mercury Marine, technology takes control
Mercury Marine has launched an assault on the market for heavily-powered engines with its new V6and particularly the V8. Generous amounts of cubic capacity, limited weight and fuel consumption, together with ease of starting planning are the main features by Luca Sordelli – photo by Andrea Muscatello The market... Read more
Nanni and Scania, energy is going BLUE
The Cannes Boat Show has seen the debut of the first result of the agreement between Nanni and Scania. It is a 6 in-line cylinder 13 liter engine capable of generating a horse power of almost one thousand by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello Sixty-six dealers get... Read more
Rahmi M. Koç Museum: outboards to love
Of the 13,500 objects kept in the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Istanbul, located in a beautifully restored 19th century naval base, it is those linked to the history of sailing which have over time become the undisputed stars of this surprising private collection by Bruno Cianci Although the... Read more
The biggest ever, here is the new Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore
Runs, the race between the big outboard manufacturers to increase the power of their engines is running higher and higher: this time it is up to Yamaha to plant the flag on the highest peak, that of the 425 hp with its Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore. This is obviously... Read more
CGT, the power you need 
We met Enrico Dari, Marine Commercial Manager at CGT, one of the most important Caterpillar dealers worldwide, ideal partner in the supply of integrated solutions for propulsion in the marine sector  by Francesco Michienzi CGT is a company that made ethics into its behavioural imprint. Its code establishes precisely... Read more
The new outboards have ever more horse power and the sterndrives are ever smaller and lighter. What is the right choice for your boat?  by Niccolò Volpati The question is as old as a gathering of period boats. Nearly all of us in life, at least once, have joined... Read more
Mercury V6 FourStroke, the power of lightness
Mercury Marine has unveiled a new Mercury V6 FourStroke outboard line-up and expansion of its SeaPro range  The official launch took place on occasion of the Miami International Boat Show 2018. The new range of V6 FourStroke 175 hp, 200 hp and 225 hp outboards came into being with... Read more
FPT N67 EVO designed to run
Developed in partnership with Mercury, FPT N67 EVO it is available in the 550 and 570 hp versions. The 450 hp version is also on its way di Luca Sordelli FPT has launched a new version of an engine the market has long been familiar with, and appreciated. The... Read more