Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore, over the LIMIT
Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore is  motor that marks a new stage in the world of big outboards, the 425 horsepower model has recently been joined by one at  375 horsepower. Our motor expert, Emanuele Pastori, gives us some details and reveals a few secrets by Emanuele Pastori Very few people... Read more
Honda GB30, becoming an outboard
Starting life as a small agricultural or industrial engine, the GB30 was a forerunner. In the mid-1960s, not many people would have betted that four-stroke outboards were going to take over the market by Niccolò Volpati The Sanremo music festival was won by Gigliola Cinquetti with“Non ho l’età (per amarti)”,... Read more
At IPS school with Amer Yachts and Volvo Penta
A free course for commanders will be held in Imperia, on 8 and 9 April, to learn all the secrets of Volvo Penta’s propeller, the IPS. The Swedish company, together with Amer Yachts, in collaboration with Confindustria Imperia nautical section, organized the two-day training and refresher course. Since their... Read more
Mercury Marine: here is their new MerCruiser inboard engine
Mercury Marine has announced the launch of the MerCruiser V8 6.2L 370hp Jet Ready inboard engine.  The new Jet Power Inboard uses MerCruiser’s 6.2L small block V8 powerplant in an inboard configuration and has a tailstock in place of the transmission to allow for an easy connection to a... Read more
CGT Caterpillar, the invisible friends
A journey through the sophisticated world of after-sales service at CGT Caterpillar. A complex, organised machine based on prevention and shaped to meet the needs of individual owners. What is its goal? To resolve any problem, immediately and without anybody even realising by Luca Sordelli, photo by Andrea Muscatello... Read more
Mistress electronics on board? The vision of Volvo Penta
Electronics on board aren’t limited to what you see on the display on the dashboard, but also and above all the integrated electronics of everything in the engine room: explains what is happening in this world Carlo Belloni by Volvo Penta by Niccolò Volpati  It is a statement that has... Read more
Mercury, here’s the new 400 Verado
At the start of the Miami Boat Show, Brunswick Marine announced the launch of the new 400 hp Mercury Verado and a new system for managing multiple outboard engines up to 6 units. Four years ago the Verado 350 and Mercury Racing 400 arrived, and quickly became the reference... Read more
Mercury 200 V6 EFI, strength, power… and a great sound
We tried the Mercury 200 V6 EFI 3.4 litre outboard on a Quicksilver 675 Sundeck, and reached a top speed of 39 knots by Angelo Colombo When people ask us to try out a new engine we always hope we will have another boat available: exactly the same boat, but... Read more
The new Honda BF, effective technology
Discovering the new Honda BF, 175, 200, 225 and 250 hp engines, which have been designed and created using the architecture of the V6 engine block by Angelo Colombo The V6 engine was completely redesigned, including its electronics, even though it is the 3.6 litre V6 presented with the introduction... Read more
Yamaha F375 XTO, Japanese V8 family expands
We had seen and tested the biggest of all, the 425 XTO, at the last Genoa Boat Show. During the Boot in Düsseldorf, Yamaha has also launched the new Yamaha F375 XTO, which shares the same technology and is based on the same 5.6-litre V8 block as the 425.... Read more