Choose a boat for a happy life, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
A family boat is the ideal way to tackle the complex issues we are all facing at the moment, exacerbated by unexpected external factors by Francesco Michienzi The family yacht is something that has always intrigued me, and offered me plenty of pause for thought. A boat’s story is... Read more
Economist Forum: all words and no solutions, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Do conferences really provide an opportunity to share problem-solving ideas? Sometimes they’re simply a chance to meet and acknowledge ongoing issues by Francesco Michienzi Are forums and conferences really an opportunity for cultural growth? Or do they just provide the chance to meet outside the workplace and exchange a few opinions?... Read more
Watch out for VAT, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
There is talk of reformulating VAT rates by raising them for luxury goods. If this were to happen, we would find ourselves in the same gloomy situation created by the Monti government by Francesco Michienzi Why was the Conte II Cabinet formed? According to its supporters, so as not to trigger... Read more
The boating of tomorrow, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The merger of FCA and PSA stems from a long reflection on the future of the global car industry. Shipyards should go down a similar route to tackle the unknowns of tomorrow THE MERGER OF FCA AND PSA WILL CREATE THE FOURTH BIGGEST GROUP IN THE GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR.«Discussions... Read more
Friends to our ports? The editorial by Franco Michienzi
The subject of backdated state fees unjustly demanded by the state has been raised forcefully with Paola De Micheli, Minister for Infrastructure, by the president of UCINA. As yet no real commitments have been made by Francesco Michienzi EVERY YEAR I TELL MYSELF TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THE POLITICIANS... Read more
An important legacy, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Giovanni Besenzoni, a real pioneer of Italian nautical science, leaves behind a set of values that we have the duty to preserve, promote and develop by Francesco Michienzi THE ITALIAN NAUTICAL INDUSTRY HAS LOST ONE OF ITS MOST ILLUSTRIOUS PIONEERS. Giovanni Besenzoni not only represented a firm that is a world... Read more
When only sublime is good enough, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The form of a boat is more than just a line, area or volume; it only takes on meaning when it provides the functionof the boat with the value it deserves by Francesco Michienzi THERE ARE BOATS DESIGNED FOR LIVING ON, AND BOATS DESIGNED FOR SAILING. And there are... Read more
Passion and reason, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Will, passion andreasondrive all of our everyday actions. And in our world of boats and engines, sometimes these three elements throw up contradictions, or at least things that appear contradictory.  by Francesco Michienzi “Will is the key principle for man and every other entity, to the extent that it... Read more
A new President, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Saverio Cecchi is the new  president of UCINA Confindustria Nautica. Elected by the shareholder’s meeting, he has been tasked with restoring unity between the many different players involved in the Italian yachting industry by Francesco Michienzi Saverio Cecchi has been issued a decisive mandate with regard to the potential for developing the... Read more
A winning model – the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The Milan Furniture Fair is undoubtedly a model worth studying in a bid to understand the reasons for its success. The Italian yachting industry, a world leader, just like the timber and furniture sector, could take inspiration from it and emulate its strong points by Francesco Michienzi The incredible... Read more