A winning model – the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The Milan Furniture Fair is undoubtedly a model worth studying in a bid to understand the reasons for its success. The Italian yachting industry, a world leader, just like the timber and furniture sector, could take inspiration from it and emulate its strong points by Francesco Michienzi The incredible... Read more
The blu planet, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
An impressive number of new launches in just a few weeks reflects the excellence and incredible strength of the Italian shipbuilding industry by Francesco Michienzi Italy is a wonderful country, full of contrasts and contradictions. Despite a plethora of strong, dynamic and globally competitive companies, the country’s economy is... Read more
Business Network, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
We need a new way of doing business that supports a vision of an open, inclusive and globally competitive society by Francesco Michienzi The news that the Daimler group and the BMW group will be joining forces to work together on the development of advanced driver assistance systems and... Read more
Information, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Yachting also deserves professional journalism equal to meeting the challenges of globalisation, for use as a real tool for criticising and analysing the current situation by Francesco Michienzi Given the immense flow of information available in the world, why do we need journalists and their professional role if the internet... Read more
The Idea Factory, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The Made in Italy design is equivalent to excellence, luxury and elegance. Its strength is the ability of joining the quality craftsmanship with the innovation, thanks to the genius of Italian entrepreneurs  and designers by Francesco Michienzi The aim of The Idea Factory is to be a reference point for... Read more
Time for solidarity, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Pleasure boating is experiencing some of the most dramatic events in its history in Tigullio. The sea, with its legendary and uncontrollable power, destroyed the breakwater at Carlo Riva marina, causing incalculable damage. We’ve pledged to raise funds to support workers from the industry in Rapallo by Francesco Michienzi... Read more
Twenty-five years in Genoa, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
For a quarter of a century now, our magazine BARCHE has always participated in the Genoa International Boat Show. We have proudly participated in the show, which has rewarded the sacrifices and the work of those years by Francesco Michienzi Exactly six years ago I sent an interview request... Read more
Perception, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Our yachts often have the same features but lower prices than those made in shipyards in Northern Europe. What can be done to change the misconceptions that owners have about our industry? There is no clear, unequivocal solution, but in-depth, open-minded contemplation might help to offer some useful answers... Read more
Sloth, the editorial by Franco Michienzi – August 2018
The seventh deadly sin goes hand and hand with lack of action working towards the common good. This could also have very negative consequences for Italy’s yachting industry  by Francesco Michienzi Sloth, the aversion to work, combined with boredom and indifference, is one of the seven deadly sins and... Read more
Honouring Fabio Perini, the editorial by Franco Michienzi – July 2018
Following a six-year investigation, the founder of Perini Navi has been cleared of all charges, because there was no case to answer. But he will not receive any compensation for the serious damage to his reputation and image  by Francesco Michienzi The news of Fabio Perini’s acquittal passed almost unnoticed.... Read more