The Camino de Santiago, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
A delicate and moving tale. We have borrowed the words of the main character as the starting point for a brief reflection on truth  by Francesco Michienzi A vacation, which derives from the Latin vacuum, is a period of unfilled time when the individual does not have to carry out their... Read more
Symbol of a better Italy, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The new San Giorgio Bridge is the symbol of an Italy that excels in many different ways, as will also be illustrated at the Genoa International Boat Show in October by Francesco Michienzi Genoa’s new San Giorgio Bridge, which opened on 3 August, demonstrates that most things in life are within our... Read more
Interpreting a new phase, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The watchwords have changed, nowadays consumers want to be hearing about the environment, sustainability, gender equality, inclusiveness, mindful consumption, technological innovation, and new challenges The most optimistic forecasts say that the Italian boat industry will see a loss of sales equivalent to approximately 13 percentage points, and the loss of roughly 5,000... Read more
When life comes looking for you, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The pandemic crisis has uncovered our true nature. This is a historic period in time and must make us put our weaknesses aside, working towards the common good with our better sides by Francesco Michienzi I EXPECTED SOME REACTION TO MY MAY EDITORIAL, BUT I CERTAINLY DIDN’T IMAGINE I... Read more
Hypocrisy and On Kindness, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
This particular period we are living through should lead us to rethink the values and sentiments that guide what we do. It would be truly desirable to reflect on whether our words match our actions by Francesco Michienzi Will we really be better people when this is all over?... Read more
Fuelling passion, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
What is the purpose of a magazine like ours? Providing the latest news from the sector, testing and describing boats, and featuring harbours and beauty spots. But also making people dream and helping to distance their minds from daily anxieties by Francesco Michienzi When I wrote the April editorial I... Read more
Choose a boat for a happy life, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
A family boat is the ideal way to tackle the complex issues we are all facing at the moment, exacerbated by unexpected external factors by Francesco Michienzi The family yacht is something that has always intrigued me, and offered me plenty of pause for thought. A boat’s story is... Read more
Economist Forum: all words and no solutions, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Do conferences really provide an opportunity to share problem-solving ideas? Sometimes they’re simply a chance to meet and acknowledge ongoing issues by Francesco Michienzi Are forums and conferences really an opportunity for cultural growth? Or do they just provide the chance to meet outside the workplace and exchange a few opinions?... Read more
Watch out for VAT, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
There is talk of reformulating VAT rates by raising them for luxury goods. If this were to happen, we would find ourselves in the same gloomy situation created by the Monti government by Francesco Michienzi Why was the Conte II Cabinet formed? According to its supporters, so as not to trigger... Read more
The boating of tomorrow, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The merger of FCA and PSA stems from a long reflection on the future of the global car industry. Shipyards should go down a similar route to tackle the unknowns of tomorrow THE MERGER OF FCA AND PSA WILL CREATE THE FOURTH BIGGEST GROUP IN THE GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR.«Discussions... Read more