CRN 74m Cloud 9: in seventh heaven… CRN 74m Cloud 9: in seventh heaven…
Cloud 9, thanks of being 74 meters long with a 2218GT, affirms the skill of Crn in building very large and high quality yachts  by... CRN 74m Cloud 9: in seventh heaven…

Cloud 9, thanks of being 74 meters long with a 2218GT, affirms the skill of Crn in building very large and high quality yachts 

by Maria Roberta Morso – photo by Maurizio Paradisi

This yacht is called Cloud 9, which translates as “Seventh Heaven” or “Settimo Cielo” in Italian, giving us the opportunity to explore the origin of these sayings. According to the geocentric theory (upheld for around two millennia, until Copernicus rocked the boat), the Earth was at the centre of the universe and ten concentric heavens revolved around it.

Only the first seven of these heavens were accessible to humans, who could therefore only ever hope to reach the seventh heaven at most, where they could enjoy a state of total bliss. CRN 74m Cloud 9 barchemagazine

Meanwhile, the English expression “cloud nine” probably dates to 1896, when the International Cloud Atlas listed cumulonimbus clouds, that is to say the tallest clouds, as cloud nine.

Following this brief digression, let’s move on to our Cloud 9, a place of total bliss for its owner. This yacht has undergone some ups and downs over the course of its history, particularly as regards the shipyard in Ancona.

The original owner pulled out after construction had begun and the yard found itself lumbered with a project designed to meet the requirements and specifications of a client who no longer existed.

The only advantage was the possibility to offer other potential buyers a very large yacht that could be ready within a relatively short space of time. Thanks to the mediation of Burgess brokers, the sale of Crn 131 was completed in mid-2014. The owner of the first Cloud 9, a 60-metre yacht launched by the French Cmn shipyard in 2009, wanted a much larger yacht and the 74-metre vessel awaiting completion at Crn fitted the bill perfectly.

CRN 74m Cloud 9«The yacht was already in an advanced stage of construction as regarded the hull, superstructure and some of the systems and our design had been developed on the basis of the original owner’s requirements», recalls Bernardo Zuccon of Zuccon International Project. «Before signing the agreement, the new owner asked for numerous changes to be made within a very short space of time. Many aspects, layouts and external features of the yacht were re-designed». 

The external appearance is the work of Gianni Zuccon and his team. Indeed, outwardly the majestic and elegant Cloud 9 will never go out of fashion thanks to its authentic, timeless style.

Its five decks, together with a sixth one for the technical systems, feature indoor and outdoor areas occupying a total surface area of around 1,000 square metres. A royal palace able to host a maximum of sixteen guests pampered by a twenty-two-person crew.

Its layout is unconventional. The majestic cockpit, with a pool at the level of the beam with a partially transparent base, leads into the spacious main lounge which, devoted purely to socialising, can be transformed into one of the two cinema rooms on board. The main lobby, dominated by a scenic cylindrical glass lift, leads into a long corridor lined with six guest cabins and a room set aside for massages, hairdressing and beauty treatments, with a drop-down terrace for enjoying the sea view in total relaxation. CRN 74m Cloud 9

The lower decks house the second guest entrance and the crew area, which includes a large dinette and twelve twin cabins. To the stern, in addition to the engine room arranged over two levels and split in two by the corridor leading to a 60-m2 beach club, there are also two side-opening garages. The storerooms, fridges, laundry and technical rooms are all on the under lower deck.

Going back to the upper levels, the top deck vaunts an airy lounge with circular dining area to the stern, which acts as an intermediate space between indoors and outdoors thanks to the sliding doors. Proceeding towards the bow, we pass the gym and a VIP cabin before coming to the steering gear adjacent to the cabin and office of Captain Colin Boyle.

The master apartment is situated on an even higher level. The cabin, office, bathroom and the lounge to the stern, which opens onto a large terrace, occupy around 400 square metres. Spacious side corridors provide access from stern to bow, with its panoramic terrace reserved for the owner. Lastly, the sun deck is a real oasis of relaxation equipped with an additional small scenic pool.

The first Cloud 9 was designed entirely by Winch Design and the owner wanted the same team to develop the interior design for the new yacht.

Upon climbing aboard, it is immediately apparent that the entire interior design revolves around the sea.

This theme has been developed with great care and a wealth of details, from the ultra-soft carpets, all fitted as single pieces without joins, which reproduce the undulating sand on the beach or sea bed, to the objects displayed on shelves and surfaces, including shells and beautiful wooden sculptures.

The dominant wood is sanded oak combined with mother-of-pearl, leather and steel details and elements. A number of units and walls are decorated with elegant wooden bas-reliefs.

This uniform decoration creates highly relaxing environments, finished with the same degree of care and the same quality of materials as the areas reserved for the owner.

We have no time here to go into detailed descriptions, but we couldn’t end without mentioning the paintings of a luminous sky that adorn the walls of the lounge on the top deck.

CRN 74m Cloud 9

PROJECT CRN Engineering (naval architecture) • Zuccon International Project (Exterior design) • Winch Design (Interior design)

HULL LOA 74m • Maximum beam 13.50m • Draft 3.50m • Full mass displacement 1650 t  • Gross tonnage 2218 GT • Fuel tank volumes 250,000 l • Water tank volume  40,000 l • Fresh water production 32,000 l/day

GUEST No 16 people (12 when chartering) – 7 vip/guest cabins – 1 owner suite

MAIN PROPULSION no. 2 Caterpillar 3516C-Chd • Outlet mechanical power 1600 kW at a rotational engine speed of 1600/min • Maximum speed at half load 16.5 knots • Cruising speed 15 knots • Range at 12 knots: 6000 nm • Range at 15 knots: 4000 nm

MAIN GENERATORS 2 Caterpillar C18 275 kW 380V 50Hz • 1 Caterpillar C9 175 kW 380V 50Hz • Emergency generator: 1 Caterpillar C6.6 118 kW 380v 50hZ

CERTIFICATION Lloyd’s Register of Shipping LR  Ξ 100 – A1 -SSC – “Y”, MONO, G6, Ξ LMC, UMS MCA LY2 compliance

CRN Spa – Ferretti Group
Via Enrico Mattei 26
I-60125 Ancona
0039 071 5011111
[email protected]

(Dicembre 2017)


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