Cranchi T36 Crossover, multitasking Cranchi T36 Crossover, multitasking
Cranchi T36 Crossover: trawler, cruiser or pilot boat? All three of them in one. Cranchi’s latest model takes the notion of crossover, typically seen... Cranchi T36 Crossover, multitasking

Cranchi T36 Crossover: trawler, cruiser or pilot boat? All three of them in one. Cranchi’s latest model takes the notion of crossover, typically seen in the car sector, to the nautical world

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello

Let’s start from the engine room. There are two Volvo penta D4 engines, each developing 300 hp. That’s not a small amount, but unladen the boat weighs eight and a half tonnes. The six hundred horsepower are there to get the new T36 by Cranchi moving very fast. And that is indeed what happens. Once we get out of the harbour channel and reach the open sea, we open up the throttle. The GPS shows a top speed of over 36 knots and the acceleration is also fairly sporty. Not bad for a boat that looks a bit like a trawler, a bit like a pilot boat and which the yard calls a Crossover.

Cranchi T36 Crossover

The large amount of horsepower isn’t just for going fast, but also to choose one’s preferred speed. At 25 knots, for example, both engines use a total of only 70 litres per hour. At 20 knots you need 64 litres and at 10 knots, in displacement mode, you only need 40 litres per hour in total. The litres per mile figures are also reassuring. That is above all the case for high speeds, given that between 28 and 35 knots around three litres are needed.

Everyone can use the Cranchi T36 Crossover  as they want. The boat is extremely manoeuvrable, it responds quickly to changes in course and its turning circle is tight – too tight even. At high speed it is better to go easy at the wheel to avoid the boat leaning excessively. When planning the visibility is good because the boat’s trim is parallel to the water surface. It’s not like that in displacement mode, because it is trimmed a bit to the stern, and the visibility forwards is reduced. The feeling from the steering position is generally that of having everything under control, because there are so many windows. There are 360-degree windows: in front, on the sides and behind, towards the cockpit. But it is when you are planning that you get the best out of them. To get optimum visibility, it may be enough to raise the helmsman’s seat as it is currently a bit too low.

Cranchi T36 Crossover

At the Boot show in Düsseldorf, where it made its debut, the Cranchi T36 Crossover attracted a lot of attention. Every time that I passed in front of the Cranchi stand there was always a queue of visitors. I think that a lot of the credit for that belongs to the interiors, which have been designed by Christian Grande. At first sight you feel that it is a simple and elegant style, with excellent finishing, and excellent quality materials and construction. The combination of Cranchi’s experience and the designer’s creativity has produced a nice result. But that’s not the only surprising thing.

I practically turned to stone when I saw that below decks there is room for three cabins, all of them fully liveable and comfortable, and a bathroom. Having six cabin berths, plus another that can be set up in the convertible dinette is pretty miraculous on a hull that is classified as a smaller boat (natante, in the italian jurisdiction).

The layout of the deck is sure to attract attention. They haven’t made a flybridge and the entire dinette area is topped by a structure that could have been fitted out as a sun bathing or living area. But Cranchi, faithful to their crossover approach, decided to install a luggage rack for bicycles or kayaks. That’s like saying that a boat is a means to sail, to enjoy nature and to travel. There is a sofa in the cockpit, and a sun area in the bows.

Cranchi T36 Crossover

The extendible awnings fore and aft are also an excellent solution. If you wanted to, you could shelter the entire deck from the sun, from the bow fitting to the stern, except for the stern platform that covers the stern drives. What I was less convinced by is the width of the Cranchi T36 Crossover gangways, only 23 cm. Also, the side rail is very low, which makes access to the bow rather uncomfortable. But they explained to me that the yard has already planned to fit a higher rail around the cockpit. By contrast, a very successful decision has been made on deck, with the grill right in the stern. You get to it via the bathing platform so you don’t have to waste valuable space in the cockpit, or have to make do without it because of lack of space.


Cranchi T36 Crossover


Cranchi research department • Aldo Cranchi (hull) • Christian Grande (interiors)
Hull: LOA 11.85m • Length 9.96m • Waterline length 8.70m • Maximum beam 3.53m • Draft 1.0m • Light mass displacement 8.500 kg • Water tank capacity 190Fuel tank capacity 600l
Main Propulsion: 2xVolvo Penta D4-300 • Outlet mechanical power 221 kW 4 cylinders • Swept volume 3.7 l • Bore&Stroke 103mm x110mm • Compression ratio 17.5:1 • Maximum rotational speed 3500/min • Dry weight 559 kg
EC Certification:
CAT B 12 people
Price: 299.000 €, Excl. VAT (as standard)

Via Nazionale 1319
I-23010 Piantedo (SO)
Tel. +39 0342 683359

(Cranchi T36 Crossover, multitasking – – Novembre 2018)

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