Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione, designed with families in mind Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione, designed with families in mind
The new Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione is a seventeen-metre boat with a lot of interior space and a particularly spacious flybridge, but which... Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione, designed with families in mind

The new Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione is a seventeen-metre boat with a lot of interior space and a particularly spacious flybridge, but which is also surprisingly agile in the water. That is thanks to thetwo IPS Volvo Penta 950s in the engine room, and, under the waterlines, a beautiful hull designed by Aldo Cranchi

by Luca Sordelli – photo by Andrea Muscatello

THE CRANCHI E 56 F EVOLUZIONETHAT WAS WAITING FOR ME AT THE CRANCHI TEST CENTRE IN SAN GIORGIO DI NOGARO WAS TRULY IMPOSING. That was in part because I was looking at it from the floating dock that was just a few centimetres out of the water, but this flybridge boat of just over 17 metres and with an unladen displacement of 23 tonnes, looks still larger to me.

I feel very small, but even the 60 Fly moored alongside, which is a fair bit longer, seems to be smaller. What stands out on the 56 are the very large windows of the main deck and the high gunwales, but the hard top, which covers the entire upper deck, also plays its part in increasing the feeling of size.

As always, all these areas are a promise of great liveability both above and below decks, but also the threat of handling awkwardly, and a lack of excitement when you are under way. But actually, as I was about to find out, it was exactly the opposite.

Once we were out at sea, the E 56 F Evoluzionewas surprisingly agile. That is because there is really a lot ofhorsepower in the engine room, which has two IPS 950s with two D11 Volvo Penta 725 hps, but it is also because the hull designed by Aldo Cranchi is made to sail.

I noticed that immediately as we easily got to the top speed of 35 knots. That is a good piece of news to start with, if we bear in mind that the boat was also fairly full of liquid, but I also really liked the ease with which it starts planing, thanks to the Humphree interceptors that ensure that the bow of the E 56 F Evoluzionekeeps down as thespeed increases. The highest it got was at 1600 rpm, then – as we gradually opened up the gas – the boat levelled off and travelling becomes a pleasure.

I got to the cruising speed at around 24 knots, at 1900 rpm, and here you get absolutely the best out of the two Swedish engines that only ask for 6.9 litres a mile back in terms of fuel consumption. With the trim set like that I was able to see two other things that I really liked about this Cranchi: how silent it is, and how easy to manoeuvre it is.

While the sound metre showed me below-average readings, both at the helm and in the master cabin, at the same time just as soon as I start to move around a bit and accelerate into some tighter turns, ones that are not entirely sensible, the boat follows me. I have to say that it was really a pleasure to have this fly-bridge boat in my hand, which looks like a Neapolitan mastiff but can be as agile as a greyhound.

To get back into the harbour we had to go along the long canal in front of San Giorgio di Nogaro, which was a perfect opportunity to look at the interiors of the E 56 F Evoluzione, the work of Christian Grande. What stands out is the unusual configuration of the main deck, with the kitchen in the bows, close to the steering position, which is a solutionthat goes against current fashion, which prefers to have the kitchen looking onto the cockpit.

Actually, I don’t dislike it, it feels like it is part of an even larger boat, with a really large living area at the entrance that very nicely fulfils its roleas a traditional “lounge”. I also like how the galley has been designed with a large counter extending into the room: it is both very functional and very convivial.

The distribution of areas on the lower deck is more traditional: there are three cabins with the owner’s in the stern, with the bed placed along the beam, the V-shaped VIP cabin in the bow and a third guest cabin with twin beds midships. There aren’t any inventions, but it is all very functional and there is oodles of room. Right in the bows, with a separate entrance, there is also a small cabin for the sailor.


As to the deck, it is worth noting the tender garage that is hidden under the stern sun area, another detail that makes the Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione seem larger than it is, and then, above all, the long hard-top, the central part of which is made from fabric and can be opened, which gives a whole new “floor” that is well protected from the sun to this seventeen-metre that never seems to end.

Shipyard technical department • Christian Grande (Design) • Aldo Cranchi (Naval architecture)
HULL LOA 17.2m • Length 15.3m • Maximum beam 4.85m • Draft 1m • Ligh mass displacement 23,000 kg • Fuel tank volumes 1850 l • Water tank volume  520 l
MAIN PROPULSION 2 – Volvo Penta IPS – D11-950 • Outlet mechanical power 533 kW/725 hp • Number of Cylinders 6 • Bore & Stroke 123mm x152mm • Total swept volume 10.84 l • Compression ratio 1.70:1 • Maximal rotational speed 2500/min • Weight 1800 kg
PRICE1,020,230€ (Excl.VAT)

Via Nazionale, 1319
I-23010 Piantedo (SO)
T +39 0342 683 359
[email protected]

(Cranchi E 56 F Evoluzione, designed with families in mind – Giugno 2019)

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