Foresti & Suardi, the experience makes the difference
Cleats, portholes, hatches, as well as lights and handles. We went to the foundry, to Luciano Paissoni and he explained to us how steel is worked AS A FOOTBALL TEAM. When it wins, it stands out as a blend of “proficient and fresh elements”. This is what Foresti & Suardi... Read more
Invictus Yacht, a rocket start
The Italian yard has entered the nautical market by selling more than 100 boats in just 12 months of business. The range consists of models from 19 up to 42 ft THOMAS WOODROW WILSON, 28TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, once said that ‘No man that does not see... Read more
Gpy Marine, winning aces  
Gpy Marine of Maurizio and Giovanni Granai, is the new dealer for Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama and Mochi operating in North-West Italy and Tuscany CONSTANT INNOVATION IS THE INCLINATION TO DO THINGS IN NEW WAYS, TO REACH NEW OBJECTIVES, IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND CREATE VALUE. And this is exactly what... Read more
Massimo Bugli, back to the future
New products for the pleasure boating industry and new strategies: we met the General Manager at Furuno Italia who told us about the plans of the Japanese company WHEN YOU THINK OF FURUNO, YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS OF QUALITY. The brand is synonimus of electronics for professionals, all the... Read more
Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, hydrodinamics in the DNA
Sergio Cutolo is celebrating the Hydro Tec’s 20th anniversary, the company founded in 1995 to answer the ever more increasing demand of design quality in the boating industry ENGINEER SERGIO CUTOLO’S STORY IS STRICTLY RELATED TO HIS INTEREST IN BOATS AND HIS PASSION FOR THE SEA: «Ever since I... Read more
Bernard D’Alessandri, the core of the Principality
The new building of the Yacht Club de Monaco was inaugurated a year ago. We met the Secretary General, Bernard D’Alessandri, to outline the balance of this first year of business THE SITE OF THE YACHT CLUB DE MONACO, DESIGNED BY SIR NORMAN FOSTER, has had a global spinoff.... Read more
Arcadia Yachts,  perfect harmony

Nato nel 2008 con un investimento di oltre 30 milioni di euro, Arcadia Yachts è un moderno cantiere navale che in pochi anni si è affermato nel panorama nautico internazionale come produttore di barche eco friendly

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Team Italia, Technology Made in Italy
Team Italia has two foundamental elements in its name: the value of a team and the nationality, which underline the pride in  being an Italian company making objects which are tought, designed and entirely built in Italy BUSINESS OWNER MASSIMO MINNELLA EXPLAINS WHAT MAKES HIS COMPANY DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS.... Read more
Navico, the future is easier
Three test days onboard motor and sail boats focusing on the dashboards. Sailing around the reef, the Keys and the Miami skyline, we have tested the latest from the Navico group by Niccolò Volpati Go Free WE HAVE OFTEN EMPHASIZED HOW TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES INFLUENCE ELECTRONICS FOR BOATING AND... Read more