Adriatic Wave, the art of selling
Adriatic Wave, founded in 2013 by Gimmy Valente and Mario Cakar, is an official dealer for  North-Eastern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro for the Absolute Yachts yard  by Luca Sordelli, photo by Andrea Muscatello We spoke to him by phone, when he was straight from selling a Navetta 73 by... Read more
United Colors of AkzoNobel
 AkzoNobel, a very large company for very large boats. Getting to know the producers of coatings and anti-fouling paints for superyachts by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello To do big things, you have to think big. And that isn’t easy. It is not just a case of increasing volumes to... Read more
Viking Yachts, the art of fishing
In its 53-year history, Viking Yachts has achieved great commercial success and earned a good reputation thanks to the quality of its boats by Angelo Colombo Viking Yachts, which builds boats ranging from 37 to 103 feet in length, was founded in 1964 by the brothers Bill and Bob Healey. They still... Read more
Inmar Yacht Services: our job? Solve problems on board
Simone Lessana and Marco De Rossi are the owners of Inmar Yacht Services, their motto is never give up in the face of difficulty. And so two brilliant specialists, with extensive experience in shipyards and at sea, returned to the fray to offer all-round services by Niccolò Volpati –... Read more
Elka Design: form and function
Elka Design: taps, shower heads and shower poles, all carefully designed to be pleasing to the eye and easy to use by Niccolò Volpati In most of the hotels I’ve stayed in, I’ve cursed the designers responsible for the overly complicated taps in the shower. I don’t mind the... Read more
Quick, watch your STEP!
The Quick’s story: one step at a time, without ever stumbling. Michele Marzucco and Alfonso Peduto tell us how two friends who had worked installing onboard equipment have created a company, which turns over 30 million a year by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello “After 35 years’ working... Read more
Rolla Propellers: Panta REI
Rolla Propellers story: 3D printers, fluid dynamic studies and design software. But to make an efficient custom propeller you also need lots of experience. Like the 50 years’ expertise accumulated by the Novazzano-based firm by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello “Everything flows”, claimed Heraclitus, but not everything flows... Read more
Furlanetto International, the dark side of the boat
You can never have too much power on board, especially with custom systems, just like on the biggest yachts, below decks and behind bulkheads, though entirely invisible, are truly sophisticated systems that only the most experienced companies, Furlanetto International, can deliver  by Niccolò Volpati Variable speed generators, a DC bus, propulsion... Read more
Paolo Pizziol, in the heart of Franciacorta
Paolo Pizziol takes us through an exciting tour, full of peace and quietness, in the old cellars of Vini Villa, in the heart of Madonna della Rosa hill in Franciacorta by Francesco Michienzi That of Vini Villa is a typical Italian story where a simple and clear idea guides an... Read more
Ranieri International, towards the new continent
Ranieri International’s numbers are growing, both in Italy and abroad. The Ranieri family has demonstrated its ability to react to the difficulties it faces and is setting itself new and increasingly ambitious targets. The next will certainly be its launch on the US market by Niccolò Volpati – photo... Read more