Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, a century of sailing
Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli has a long story to tell, which goes back well over 100 years by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello WHEN TELLING A STORY, YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. When I enter the shipyard’s headquarters in Gargnano, Mauro Feltrinelli is waiting for me.... Read more
Gammalta Group, speakers made for the sea
The cockpit of a boat in motion is the worst place in terms of acoustics. To ensure quality audio reproduction you need specially-designed projects for the marine environment by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello IT IS SAID THAT BEFORE EVERY ROLLING STONESstadium concert Keith Richards wanders around... Read more
Perini Navi, ships admired worldwide
Promoting the brand and reinventing the superyacht “product”: Lamberto Tacoli, chairman and CEO of Perini Navi, tells us about what he has done to relaunch the shipyard by Paola Bertelli LAMBERTO TACOLI TOOK ON A PARTICULARLY DEMANDING CHALLENGE when he joined Perini back in 2017. The yard was in... Read more
CMM Yacht Service, From the heart of italy, to the edge of the world
The driving force behind CMM Yacht Service  is the love of the job, and that approach means the firm is now celebrating its fifteenth year in business by Massimo Longoni  FOUNDED IN SENIGALLIA IN 2004, CMM has come a long way in the real sense of the word, and has got... Read more
Sorgiovanni teams up with Michele Flandin to open a new office in Monaco
The renowned yacht designer Sam Sorgiovanni decided to entrust Michele Flandin with the direction of the new company’s office in the heart of the luxury yachting capital, Monaco (in the picture, Michele Flandin and Sam Sorgiovanni). It has been twenty-three years since Sam Sorgiovanni opened his design studio in... Read more
Adriatic Wave, winning model
A new location, inside a marina that has just been opened at Rovinj. Adriatic Wave is expanding, because that is what owners want, and also on account of all the new models by Niccolò Volpati ROVINJ, IN CROATIA, REPRESENTS EVERYTHING THAT WE COULD DO IN ITALY,but that we haven’t... Read more
Lynx Yachts, only fully custom
We met Filippo Rossiof Lynx Yachts, who accompanied us on a visit to a wonderful boat yard in Nijkerk, in the Netherlands. This cutting-edge facility builds bespoke boats and yachts  by Carla Pagani LYNCEUS, ONE OF THE ARGONAUTS,was able to see through walls with his powerful gaze. The lynx... Read more
Rosolino Pagliarini, better than the Red Baron
Offering support, storage, mooring and sales of new and used boats, from the river to the sea, Pagliarini has 45 yearsof experience to draw on  by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello WHEN I ASK ROSOLINO PAGLIARINI WHAT HIS ROLE IS AT PAGLIARINI INTERNATIONAL AND THE PAGLIARINI GROUP,... Read more
CMM, winter is refit time
Winter is when you stop using your boat and start dedicating time to maintaining it, or, even better, improving it: CMM is one of the leading experts in the sector by Massimo Longoni The dry berthing period marks the break between one sailing season and the next. It is the perfect opportunity to carry out... Read more
Piero Cesana, my first fifty years
Piero Cesana has more than fifty years of experience. The business has reallytaken off again over the last couple of years with three new brands: Sealine, Princess and Fjord by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello «IF WE START FROM THE BEGINNING, I’LL STILL BE HERE THIS EVENING»,... Read more