Cantiere Delle Marche, story of a success foretold
 With ten boats currently under construction, Cantiere Delle Marche is one of the main shipyards in the world for the construction of explorer vessels in steel and aluminium  by Rebecca Gentilini, photo by Giovanni Malgarini In the midst of the crisis in 2010, one of the darkest years for... Read more
Absolute Yachts, when the made in Italy model is a success
In its just 18 years of existence, the Absolute Yachts shipyard has grown to be one of the most interesting players on the global nautical scene  by Francesco Michienzi Absolute Yachts is one of the few shipyards in the world that can boast a financial statement, which displays a... Read more
Viraver, technological transpariences
Viraver is writing a new page in the history of glass with a sartorial product cut and curved to measure to meet the new demands of modern design in the nautical industry by Rebecca Gentilini Glass is the one element that more than any other has changed the way... Read more
Monte Carlo Yachts, industry of the third millennium
Monte Carlo Yachts reveals some of its industrial secrets to the general public; innovative manufacturing processes on the international nautical scene. Fabrizio Iarrera showed us around and revealed – apart from an outstanding technical competence – a profound passion for his work and his company  by Massimo Longoni The market... Read more
Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, the house of yachting
Regattas, sailing and kayaking schools, and much more. The Porto Rotondo Yacht Club is internationally renowned, but never forgets about its own territory and people – above all the young by Niccolò Volpati photo by Nanni Ono Well begun… so goes the saying. And maybe this is the reason... Read more
CMM Yacht Service, a SPA for Yachts
Cmm Yacht Service of Matteo Cervasi is renowned for the quality of services on offer, from ordinary maintenance to more demanding refittings, from dry berthing to hire and technical consultations in the purchase and sale of boats by Massimo Longoni Cmm was founded as a Pershing reference company and... Read more
Maurizio Giglioli, the nautical leasing is on the right course …
Nautical leasing is a crucial means for the development of the industry as well as an important indicator of the yacht market trend in Italy.  We talked about it with Maurizio Giglioli, CEO of Credem Leasing and vice president of Assilea, the Italian Leasing Association by Francesco Michienzi Nautical leasing... Read more
Cristian Pellegrino, the future according to Honda Italia
We met Cristian Pellegrino, head of the Power Product division at Honda Italia, to hear about the present, and especially the future, of Honda Marine by Angelo Colombo – photo by Andrea Muscatello In 1964 Honda presented its first four-stroke outboard engine, the four-horsepower GB 30. A lot of distance has... Read more
Marina di Olbia Yachting Services, the gate of paradise
MOYS, Marina di Olbia Yachting Services, the marina of the sardinian city is the proof that Costa Smeralda, apart from being a summer paradise, is also the ideal place to berth all year with your yacht by Angelo Colombo The natural surroundings hosting the Marina in the Gulf of Olbia... Read more
Nautica Fusaro, first class service
With nearly 35 years of experience, Giovanni Jacobsthal and Antonio Vertechi and their NAutica Fusaro have always been Absolute dealers. They are exclusive dealers for the Podenzano shipyard in the region of Campania and they seek to offer their shipowners an absolutely flawless service  by Niccolò Volpati – photo... Read more