CdM Avdace, the ultimate Explorer boat CdM Avdace, the ultimate Explorer boat
Avdace is the first entirely custom-made project from Cantiere delle Marche. A medium-size explorer yacht that is as unusual as it is reliable thanks... CdM Avdace, the ultimate Explorer boat

Avdace is the first entirely custom-made project from Cantiere delle Marche. A medium-size explorer yacht that is as unusual as it is reliable thanks to the use of advanced technology

by Massimo Longoni – photo by Scoobyart

The Ancona-based shipyard has gained extensive experience in building explorer yachts, having so far launched over twenty vessels that form part of two semi-custom series in the Darwin Class and Nauta Air lines, as well as two explorers from the Acciaio series, a 105 and a 123. At the time of signing the contract for the construction of the K42 Avdace, this project represented the Cantiere delle Marche’s debut in the custom segment. «The yard has had the satisfaction of observing that years of hard work and an attentive, flexible approach to the yachting market have helped to establish it as a highly credible name on an international level», stated Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director at CdM. Partnerships with top designers, from Sergio Cutolo/Hydro Tec to Mario Pedol/Nauta, Horacio Bozzo, Tommaso Spadolini and Francesco Paszkowski, have boosted the image of a yard that offers the very best Italian style combined with construction and systems every bit as good as that which you would expect from northern European yards.

CdM AvdaceThe K42 project, named Avdace by the owner Andrea Merloni, was designed by Andrea Pezzini/Floating Life, who developed the K series in partnership with Mauro Sculli who was responsible for the naval architecture, while the engineering was entrusted to Sergio Cutolo/Hydro Tec. Domenico Ranieri acted as the project manager for the yard, making a significant contribution to the definition of the project, while the owner was represented by the designer himself, Andrea Pezzini, who monitored all the construction phases.

«Avdace provides clear evidence of the yard’s technical and organisational capacities. Tackling an entirely custom-made construction was a significant challenge, but we were ready to take it on», stated Ennio Cecchini, Managing Director of Cantiere delle Marche. «CdM contributed to the project with its best human and technical resources and we managed to complete it as planned, within the agreed time frame»,adds Cecchini. «It’s something of a spartan yacht in many senses, but that’s what the owner requested. He didn’t even want the hull to be plastered initially, but we convinced him of the benefits of a thin layer of plaster, both in aesthetic terms and as regards the durability of the paintwork. There are no large or sliding doors. Avdace is everything that it appears to be: a robust explorer built for intense use and endowed with all the necessary technical and practical characteristics».

Avdace has a hull with strong, decisive lines and an almost vertical bow. The superstructure is particularly imposing, with an unusually large top deck. This was a specific request from the owner, a single man in his fifties who loves to surround himself with his friends and host them on board, but also likes to be able to retreat to a place of total privacy when he wants. «First and foremost, I wanted a real explorer», Merloni told us. «Secondly, I wanted a deck all for myself, where I could relax in complete privacy».

The owner lives on board Avdace all the time and her layout has been designed to meet his requirements.

The concept is clear to see when looking at the general plans. The yacht has five decks. Starting from the bottom, we have the tank deck, the lower deck, the main deck, the upper deck and the top deck. Our journey into the belly of the yacht begins on the tank deck, where we find a practical arrangement of engine and equipment rooms. The technical spaces are divided into four adjoining sections, which house all the machinery, the switchboards, and the main equipment. These orderly white rooms have high ceilings and plenty of space. This ensures that the crew can work here in greater comfort and safety, facilitating access to all the equipment, valves, switches and control panels. Once again, the engine and equipment rooms represent a real source of pride for CdM in every sense, from the quality of the machinery to their installation and arrangement. The size of these rooms is surprising and completely out of the ordinary.

Very few yachts over 60 metres long have technical spaces of this size, and Avdace is under 43 metres long. As it is a real explorer, Avdace has plenty of space for storing provisions and materials of various kinds, as well as spacious, well-equipped service areas. Thanks to its large pantries, four cold rooms, fridge and freezer, the yacht can travel for weeks without having to stop for supplies. Waste can be stored in a refrigerated room, while there is a spacious laundry/ironing room to make the stewardesses’ work easier. Leaving the technical area behind us, we come to the aft platform.

CdM Avdace

Designed by Domenico Ranieri and Mauro Sculli, the platform has a central section that descends below the sea level to become a bathing ladder, but it also acts as a height-adjustable gangway. The platform provides access to the main deck up one of two convenient symmetrical staircases, or to the lower deck, to a spacious multipurpose area that can be used as a gym, beach club or, primarily, as a disco. This perfectly soundproofed room is fitted with powerful audio systems and a DJ station. It is equipped with Martin Audio speakers, a Klipsah subwoofer and a Pioneer NSX900 digital mixer. The audiovisual system also includes a 98” Samsung TV. The two VIP cabins amidship have small dropdown balconies. The cabins have the same fresh and simple style and interior design as the rest of the yacht. Colours and comforts are combined to create practical yet pleasant maritime environments. The owner provided specific input to the interior decorator, Alessandra Negrato, who interpreted it and translated it into fresh and relaxing, well-finished but totally informal forms and colours.

On the same deck, we also find the large galley equipped by Marrone, a firm appreciated by numerous Michelin-star chefs. Thanks to the professional equipment, two chefs can work here to prepare meals for 250 people. Next to the galley is a spacious and comfortable dining area for the crew, where they can also keep an eye on most of the on-board systems and instruments, engines, generators, etc. A dumbwaiter transports the cooked dishes up from the pantry to the main and upper decks so that it can be served quickly and easily. There are four twin cabins for eight crew members in the bow of the lower deck. The owner, aware of the pressure that his constant presence on board would place on the crew, specifically asked that they are given plenty of space, which was to be well equipped and very comfortable.

CdM Avdace

The main deck, on the next level up, has a very unusual layout. There is neither a lounge nor an indoor dining room. Social life takes place in the open air. A well-equipped bar is protected by the upper deck, which protrudes over it, while the huge cockpit has been designed to be transformed into a sitting or dining area using easily removable lightweight furniture and tables reinforced with carbon fibre. The area can be protected from the wind or sun with canopies and lateral blinds. As well as being at the very heart of outdoor life, both day and night, the aft terrace is also the place that houses a custom tender of approximately 10-metres long during sailing. The tender is moved by an eye-catching red crane with an 8,890-kg capacity.

The cockpit is equipped to become an outdoor dance floor with speakers and a DJ station. The bow of the main deck also houses a second crane – with a 2,200 kg capacity – used to stow and launch the service tender, a Range Rover Defender modified specially by Tweaked Automotive, a BMW GS 1200 motorbike and some jet skis. The yard’s technical office designed a sort of mobile mezzanine made of carbon to store away all these vehicles within a limited space. The flooring on this part of the deck is protected by ultra-resistant Flexigel API resin. There is a guest bathroom on the starboard lateral walkway, while a pantry on the left is conveniently connected to the galley on the lower deck via a dumbwaiter. Two of the four spacious double guest cabins are on the main deck. They can be accessed either via an internal hallway or from the lateral walkways.

CdM K42

Climbing further up, we come to the upper deck, which is the final zone accessible to guests. Above this is the off-limits area reserved for the owner. In the stern of the upper deck, there is a cinema or media room. This room provides access to the aft terrace with its large seat, pouf and height-adjustable tables. In the bow is the steering gear with integrated Boning/Furuno dashboard, and next to it is a convenient cabin for the captain.

We conclude our analysis of this interesting project on the top deck, reserved for the owner. A staircase leads from the upper deck to the owner’s apartment. A door at the foot of the stairs and an intercom system are there to prevent people from intruding. The cabin is in the bow, with direct access to the outside, to the walkway that runs around the entire superstructure and the small aft terrace with Jacuzzi.

The owner’s private apartment also comprises a small lounge and a kitchenette linked to the upper deck via a dumbwaiter so that the owner can receive drinks and meals without having to be served directly by the crew. The top deck makes the profile unusually tall for a yacht of these dimensions.

«When looking at the height of Avdace, we all wonder about her stability. Believe me, I did too», says engineer Domenico Ranieri of Cantiere delle Marche, who monitored the construction of the yacht and contributed to its design. «This is why, thanks to the partnership with Engineer Pastore and the entire Hydro Tec studio, the on-board weights were monitored from the very outset of the design process, making the bottom thicker right from the start and optimising the arrangement of the equipment and systems rather than adding tonnes of ballast to the finished boat». From what we have seen so far, it is apparent that the yard was not faced with a ‘normal’ project. «It wasn’t easy to coordinate a team of designers when one was responsible for the hull (Andrea Pezzini, Floating Life), one for the external lines and the basic naval architecture (Mauro Sculli), one for the engineering (Hydro Tec), and one for the interior design (Alessandra Negrato)», Ranieri tells us. «In order to come up with the K42, a boat that is clearly one of a kind, we needed to hold more than thirty meetings between Ancona, Vacallo (Switzerland) and La Spezia: over one meeting per month. Despite a specific, highly detailed construction technique, 150 order variations were made during the construction process».

CdM K42Engine room
Powered with two Caterpillar C32 Acert SWAC EPA T3 engines, delivering 1,081 kW each, Avdace can reach the maximum speed of 15 knots. At 10 knots the hull has a range of about 5,400 nautical miles thanks to a fuel tank volume of 62,000 liters.

Cantiere delle Marche
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PROJECT: Floating Life (Exterior design) • Sculli Studio (Naval Architecture) Hydro Tec (Engineering) • Alessandra Negrato (Interior design)

HULL: LOA 42.80m • Waterline length 40.40m • Maximum beam 9.40m • Full load displacement 450 t • Draft 2.75m • Gross Tonnage 490 GT • Fuel tank volume 62,000 l • Water tank volume 10,000 l • Grey and waste water tanks volume 20,000 l • Bildge 2,500 l • New and waste oil tanks 400 l /400 l • Guest cabins 5 (10 people) • Crew cabins 5 (9 people)

MAIN PROPULSION: 2 x Caterpillar C32 Acert SWAC EPA T3 • Outlet mechanical power 1,081kW • Reintjes WAF542L transmissions • Gear ratio 3.9:1 • Propellers: NiBrAl 5 blades • Stabilizers CMC SE 120 • Maximum speed 15.7 knots • Cruising speed 14 knots • Range 5.400 nm at 10 knots

(CdM Avdace, the ultimate Explorer boat – – March 2020)

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  • Lounge Area - Main Deck
  • Dining Area - Main Deck
  • Upper Saloon 2 - Upper Deck
  • Red Cabin with balcony 2 - Lower Deck