Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring, all-round Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring, all-round
For people who like good performance, but also low fuel consumption. For people who want a lot of seats, but can’t do without sunbathing areas.... Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring, all-round

For people who like good performance, but also low fuel consumption. For people who want a lot of seats, but can’t do without sunbathing areas. For people who want the choice of single or twin engines. So essentially a complete RIB, to suit all tastes

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello

LET’S START FROM WHAT I FOUND CONVINCING, not least because it is a much longer list than that of the things that I was confused by. When underway, I found the Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring convincing. To start with, you could feel the acceleration, which is mainly to be credited to the two 200 hp Suzuki outboard engines. That is a lot of cubic capacity and a lot of thrusts. The second thing that I liked when we got going was the trim. The boat was always well positioned on the water. You don’t have to work hard on the trim to make it move in the best way possible, and in fact, you can even forget about adjusting it. There weren’t any waves at Soverato, so the only way of finding something was to go across the bow waves created by other boats. When I did, I got the feeling that it wasn’t a hull that would suffer from rough seas. The V-shaped bow does its job, as do the three hydrodynamic spray rails and two steps on the hull. It is really easy to handle, and perfect for people who want to enjoy taking to the water without having to put too much into it. That is perfect for a boat of this size.

Cayman 27.0 Ranieri International

The hull behaved well, even when we pushed it to top speed at over 44 knots. Two steps and three hydrodynamic spray rails give it all the qualities it needs to be considered good at sea.

Being over eight and a half meters long overall, and with 3.20 meters maximum beam, it can carry up to twenty passengers. Another of the boat’s qualities is that it suits a range of different power units. There are many possibilities, both single and twin engines. The smallest amount recommended is 250 hp, while the most are as much as a pair of 250s. So with just the one engine, you can put a 250, 250, 300 or 350 horsepower engine on the transom, or you can fit a pair of 200s or 250s. Going for a single-engine has the advantage of keeping the end price down, while double engines provide more stability and safety when underway. We had 400 horsepower available, split between a pair of engines developing 200 hp each. At top speed, we did more than 44 knots and only needed eleven knots to start planing. Between the two there are a full 33 knots cruising range, which means that you can choose your preferred speed. Fuel consumption follows this but is nonetheless very limited. At minimum planing speed, a total of 20 liters was used, while 138 were needed at top speed. So, between a liter and a half and three liters were used per nautical mile. That is a figure that is more than satisfying. And the list of the things that I liked isn’t over yet. The visibility is good, both when sitting and when you stand up when underway. The windscreen isn’t huge, but it does its job very well: it protects you without blocking the view.

Cayman 27.0 Ranieri International

The boat is stable when turning. The nose doesn’t rise, and it doesn’t cavitate or suffer from waves, even when taking them on the beam. I was also convinced by the deck set-up. The version I tried out was called Trofeo. The bow had the classic sun area, with several lockers below it. The nice thing is that the cushions don’t reach as far as the steering console. That way there is always room to get around from one side of the boat to the other, even in the bow area. The versatile set-up of the cockpit has also been done very well. The seats on the side and at the stern have backs that are high enough to comfortably support your back.

Cayman 27.0 Ranieri International

You can complete the square with another seat that opens up just behind the steering position. That way you can have four sides around the cockpit, each of them with their sofa. But the set-up is versatile because you can have the table up, or use the extension to cushions to create a second sun lounger in the stern. Finally, I liked the unusual color of the cushions which, in the model we tried out, was a bright teal. The same fabric is also used on the dashboard as a surround to the instruments. People who aren’t crazy about teal can indulge themselves in many other color schemes. Earlier I promised a list of what had convinced me less. It isn’t very long. The first issue concerns the ergonomics of the steering position. The electronic throttles and the steering wheel are too close to one another. When you turn, there is a danger of hitting the throttles. A few more centimeters gap would have been a good idea. I also found the Ultraflex steering rather stiff. We are talking about details, but when there are so many good things, even the smallest off-note stands out. In any case, these are small flaws which it is not difficult to remedy.

Engine data
There are many possibilities, with either one or two engines. The least powerful set-up is with a single 250 hp outboard, while the most powerful feature a pair of 250s. In between, you can opt for a 300 or 350 hp engine, or a pair of 200s, which is what we had in our test.

Loc. Caldarello
I-88068 Soverato (CZ)
T. +39 0967 25839
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PROJECT: Shipyard technical department

HULL: LOA 8.60m • Length 7.95m • Maximum beam 3.20m • Light mass displacement 1,800 kg • Tubes diameter 0.65m • Compartiments 6 •Fuel tank volume 420 l • Water tank volume 80 l • Maximum rated power 500 hp

MAIN PROPULSION: 2xDF 200AP Suzuki • Outlet mechanical power 147 kW (200 hp) • 4 stroke • 4 cylinders in-line • DOHC 16 valves, 4 valves each cylinder • Swept volume 2,867 cc • Bore&Stroke 97mm x 97mm • Maximum rotational speed 5800/min-6000/min • Gear ratio 2.5:1 • Weight 228 kg • Three blades propeller: 21.5×16


PRICE: 59,900 €, Excl. VAT – Bare boat

(Cayman 27.0 Sport Touring, all-round – – May 2020)

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