Baglietto 48M T-Line, reinventing the classic
Hull no 10228, built by Baglietto in steel and aluminium weighing in under 500grt, represents an evolution of the 48-meter long pleasure ship Andiamo. Francesco Paszkowski Design designed the exterior lines, whilst the interiors are by the shipyard Interior Design department. by Francesca Pozzoli – photo by Maurizio Paradisi «I... Read more
Turquoise Yachts GO: exotic glamor cutting-edge technology
Turquoise Yachts GO is a 77-meter long yacht and represents a landmark achievement for Turquoise Yachts. She is not only the shipyard’s flagship but she also enhances great evolution in terms of the building and technological achievement of the yard by Rebecca Gentilini, photo by Guillaume Plisson This pleasure ship, built... Read more
Custom Line 120, a strong personality
The new series of planning yachts by Custom Line features very bold geometric shapes where a clever interplay of colours hides generous volumes: the Custom Line 120 is the perfect example of this philosphy  by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Alberto Cocchi “Architects do not satisfy demands, they generate... Read more
Tankoa, the 72-meter long Solo – The design is by Paszkowski and Casprini
Solo is the new 72 meters yacht by Tankoa, made in aluminum and steel. It was born from the pencil of Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini who took care of the interior design. The hull design is by Vincenzo Ruggiero. With over 6,000 miles of range, the maximum speed... Read more
Benetti, launched the 63 m Metis
The Benetti “Metis”, a 63 meters yacht realized in steel and aluminum, has entered the water in Livorno. The exteriors are designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta, while the interiors are by Bannenberg & Rowell and Birgit Otte. “Metis”, which was designed for a German owner, is structured on 5... Read more
Fincantieri Griffin Series, the challenge is on
Fincantieri has decided to enter the market for leisure yachts under 100 metres with the Griffin Series, consisting of 66, 77, 88 and 99 metre models  by Massimo Longoni The first model available is the Griffin 66: 66 metres long, with timelessly elegant design and contemporary lines.The name has been... Read more
Pershing 9X, pure adrenalin
Featuring the unmistakable, up-to-the-minute style of all the Pershings designed by Fulvio De Simoni, who interprets the needs of today’s boat owners in truly impeccable fashion. Its exciting performance sees 80 tonnes travel at a speed of 43 knots thanks to the hard work of the Ferretti Group engineering... Read more
Benetti CLASS, classy models
The common theme in the extensive and varied Benetti Class range is the optimised use of space and the living solutions that meet the requirements of a large customer base  by Maria Roberta Morso, photo by Thierry Ameller, Quin Bisset, Jeff Brown To assist customers with finding their way around... Read more
Riva 100  Corsaro, trueborn
Riva 100 Corsaro: officina Italiana Design’s work is unmistakable, as is the style of the brand, which has become iconic in the yachting world  by Maria Roberta Morso, photo by Alberto Cocchi With extraordinary refinement and skill, Riva managed to transfer the charm and timeless style of its motorboats... Read more
Sanlorenzo SX 88, innovative and surprising
It’s undoubtedly the boat that has provoked most discussion over the past season. It sits between the classic SLs and the Explorers in Sanlorenzo’s range, with an exterior designed by Officina Italiana Design and an interior by Piero Lissoni, all coordinated by Luca Santella. It is a boat unlike any other on... Read more