Domani S28, and if tomorrow… 
Nine metres long overall, for a boat that can be fitted out either as a day cruiser or as a weekender. Above all, the Domani S28 is fun and easy to handle to get to the essence of things – the pleasure of sailing  by Niccolò Volpati  “E se... Read more
Italia 9.98 Club, win in the race. Have fun on a cruise
Creating Italia 9.98 Club the Chioggia yard has turned a supremely victorious regatta hull into a boat suitable for cruising. With a few additions and very little being overlooked di Niccolò Volpati foto di Nicola Brollo The question is a simple one, although the answer is a bit more complicated. Nevertheless we... Read more
Dufour 412 Grand Large, riders on the storm

Safe in the middle of a summer storm with 30-knot winds, and high-performance in light winds. Variable weather conditions allowed us to thoroughly test the new 12-metre version of the French-built cruiser

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Advanced 80, around the world in 80 feet

The 80-footer from Advanced Italian Yachts has embarked on a trip round the world full of thrills and excitement. A fascinating journey that all sailors dream about making

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Performance and looks. It is a fast daysailer, which handles easily and also looks good – with wood and beautiful materials used

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Caprera Sailing Center, Italy’s best-known sailing school, is turning fifty

The Caprera Sailing Centre, Italy’s best-known sailing school, is turning fifty. It does so defined by its love of the sea, the wind, boats and sailing. It has created a tribe of passionate sailors: at the CVC you have fun, you suffer and you learn. And you keep going back

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