Eleva Yachts: The Fifty, right first time
The Fifty it is the first model by Eleva Yachts, a new entry in the world of sail yachting. Judging from the result, it is easy to imagine that others will follow, perhaps a bit bigger by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello The first time I saw it... Read more
Kamana Sailing Expedition, at the Ends of the Earth
3500 miles, 33 days of sailing North of the Americas. For the first time the Italian team of the Kamana Sailing Expedition, fulfilled the North West Passage, against the flow, from West to East. This is the report of the Captain, Enrico Tettamanti   by Luca Sordelli Let’s start at the... Read more
Domani S28, and if tomorrow… 
Nine metres long overall, for a boat that can be fitted out either as a day cruiser or as a weekender. Above all, the Domani S28 is fun and easy to handle to get to the essence of things – the pleasure of sailing  by Niccolò Volpati  “E se... Read more
Italia 9.98 Club, win in the race. Have fun on a cruise
Creating Italia 9.98 Club the Chioggia yard has turned a supremely victorious regatta hull into a boat suitable for cruising. With a few additions and very little being overlooked di Niccolò Volpati foto di Nicola Brollo The question is a simple one, although the answer is a bit more complicated. Nevertheless we... Read more
Dufour 412 Grand Large, riders on the storm

Safe in the middle of a summer storm with 30-knot winds, and high-performance in light winds. Variable weather conditions allowed us to thoroughly test the new 12-metre version of the French-built cruiser

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Advanced 80, around the world in 80 feet

The 80-footer from Advanced Italian Yachts has embarked on a trip round the world full of thrills and excitement. A fascinating journey that all sailors dream about making

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Performance and looks. It is a fast daysailer, which handles easily and also looks good – with wood and beautiful materials used

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Caprera Sailing Center, Italy’s best-known sailing school, is turning fifty

The Caprera Sailing Centre, Italy’s best-known sailing school, is turning fifty. It does so defined by its love of the sea, the wind, boats and sailing. It has created a tribe of passionate sailors: at the CVC you have fun, you suffer and you learn. And you keep going back

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