Carapace Yacht/Submarine, hybrid category
The Carapace project by Elena Nappi explores the submarine/luxury yacht relationship, and studies its interrelationships with the aim of achieving one product, which is a hybrid in terms  of structure and shape by Elena Nappi This study is the result of my degree in Naval Architecture and it is intended... Read more
Evo Yachts 43 WA, affinities
The Walk Around version of one of the most interesting 13 metre boats of recent years. The idea of a “transformer boat” is still there, but with greater functionality on deck. With two IPS 600 it gets up to 34 knots by Luca Sordelli, photo by Andrea Muscatello It takes a few... Read more
Tofinou 10, the day (sailer) after tomorrow
Th new Tofinou 10 is fast and stylish, but also with interior volumes which mean you can stay on board for a few days without missing out on comfort by Niccolò Volpati, photo by © Jean-Marie Liot Tofinou 10 is the first model made by the Latitude 46 yard... Read more
Princess R35, here’s how this revolutionary English boat with the foils works
We’ll see its official debut next September, at the Cannes Boat Show, but the Princess R35 has long intrigued the market. It is in fact a completely new object, not only because it is equipped with a new type of foils (which do not make the boat “fly” out... Read more
Benetti CLASS, classy models
The common theme in the extensive and varied Benetti Class range is the optimised use of space and the living solutions that meet the requirements of a large customer base  by Maria Roberta Morso, photo by Thierry Ameller, Quin Bisset, Jeff Brown To assist customers with finding their way around... Read more
LEVI PMP 8punto5, an effective project 
The Levi PMP 8punto5 can boast structural design by Olivari Engineering, while the superstructure was designed by Pasquale Maria Passalacqua. Thanks to the 260hp Mercury diesel engine it exceeds 40 knots by Angelo Colombo, photo by Andrea Muscatello For pleasure boating fans, there are names, symbols and logos that... Read more
Cantiere delle Marche Hyhmä: mission North-West Passage
Cantiere delle Marche has delivered Hyhmä to its owner. It’s a pleasure ship of the Nauta Air 111 series, suitable for long oceanic crossings by Massimo Longoni Thanks to this project Cantiere delle Marche has shown its ability to fulfil its clients’ wishes. The naval architecture of Hyhmä has been... Read more
Foiler by Enata
Foiler by Enata is the first pleasure boat to use foil technology. The boat is entirely made of carbon fibre, with a hybrid diesel-electric system, which can exceed 40 knots by Alberto Conti – photo by ©Guillaume Plisson The reduction of friction to improve boat performance is a very interesting issue.... Read more
Sirena 58, a perfect combination
The watchword onboard the Sirena 58? Efficiency, sailing well both in displacement mode and when planing. An 18-metre boat that perfectly marries the convenience of a motorboat with the green credentials and the charm of a sailing boat by Luca Sordelli – photo by Jeff Brown Many have tried;... Read more
Yamaha F175 C, Drive by Wire
Electronic throttle and SDS propeller with flexible coupling to reduce noise when changing gear. Comfort also comes to the 150 and 175 by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello It is a fact that we can’t make do with comfort any more. So, even companies that make outboard engines are... Read more