Norberto Ferretti and Solaris Power
Norberto Ferretti makes his return to design and works with Solaris on the joint development of a new range  of 46’ to 88’ lobster boats by Francesco Michienzi The ingenious, highly dynamic and very charming Norberto Ferretti is considered a real icon on the international yachting scene. A great sailor himself,... Read more
Invictus 200 HX: small, but full of character
Invictus 200 HX is a nice design by Christian Grande who in just six metres  has managed to come up with  a very original product.  Its looks are refined, but its soul is that of a professional craft which can do anything. Even fishing, proper fishing by Luca Sordelli It isn’t that... Read more
Marlin 24 X: originality in power, even in the FB version
Always very particular in the design and in the Marlin 24 X lines is the outboard version of the SR version with stern drive .  The deck is a bit more traditional than the one, but the performances are practically the same, even with 100 hp less by Niccolò... Read more
Fjord: Viking strength, Germanclass
The Fjord range boasts seven different size models, which share unmistakeably clean lines and a highly-functional deck. Their strong points include fast hulls and excellent technological content by Luca Sordelli  The directness of a vertical bow, the angular shape, the large T-top, the central control panel and then the... Read more
Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser, well-designed details 
A small motorboat with classic lines at an interesting price,  Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser is produced in large numbers, but with notable attention to detail. Using a 225 hp Mercury V6 Fourstroke engine we did over  forty knots  by Luca Sordelli The Quicksilver brand is American and is part of the... Read more
Ilumen 28 Cadet V, absolutely  tailor made
We tested the Cadet V, which is almost identical to the Kalienteand Zalanka, but with V-drive in-line transmissions. Powered with two Man engines of 1200 hp each, the yacht travels at a top speed of over 20 knots  by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Mark Sims This type of... Read more
Azimut S10, the new flagship
Azimut S10 features exterior design by Alberto Mancini and interior design by Francesco Guida. The S10is a sporty 28-metre long yacht inspired by the concept of a modern seaside villa, sleek automotive design and elegant megasailers. Is the new flagship of the Azimut Yachts S Collection by Massimo Longoni Azimut... Read more
Stile Catalini 25, style exercise
Stile Catalini 25 is certainly a boat designed to amaze. This is easy  to perceive both from the stylistic point of view and from its technical specifications, with its unusual size ratio and choices which translate into a rather uncommon kind of functionality by Angelo Colombo – photo by Andrea Muscatello... Read more
ZAR 95 SL, entertaining and safe
The ZAR 95 SL is the new flagship of Zar, a boat with an extremely functional deck and a beautifully designed hull. With two 350 hp Suzuki engines, we reached the maximum speed of 53 knots by Luca Sordelli photo by Andrea Muscatello A well-designed hull is easy to... Read more
Palm Beach Motor Yachts launched its flagship Palm Beach 70
Palm Beach Motor Yachts has launched the Palm Beach 70, a flying-bridge motoryacht. The Palm Beach 70 builds on the Palm Beach 65, becoming the new flagship of the fleet. “The Palm Beach 70 was born from customer demand, they wanted a larger Palm Beach Motor Yacht,” says Mark... Read more