Fjord 44 Open, surfing on the waves
The new Fjord 44 Open is a sporting open boat, which is quick and lots of fun to steer. It can reach 40 knots with two Volvo Penta IPS 600s. The bow cabin is impressively sized by Luca Sordelli, photo by N. Krauss Hamburg   A scirocco wind, not... Read more
SACS, custom made RIBS
It is a moment of great excitement for SACS: the Rebel 40 has just been added to the 47, but the Strider range also expands with the arrival of 700 and 900. Christian Grande’s signature is always unmistakable by Niccolò Volpati Even before I started sailing, I began with... Read more
Bénéteau Flyer 10, the boat that wants to reinvent the walkaround
The new Bénéteau Flyer 10 is a “smart walkaround”, a new interpretation of the classic boats born in the USA. The organization of the deck from the square bow is original, which leads to excellent circulation on board. Aft two outboard engines up to 350 hp each To distinguish... Read more
Anvera 48, balancing like a tightrope walker
The Anvera 48 shows a great weight/power ratio for exciting performance levels without using too much fuel. Thanks to the use of carbon, the hull, the engines and work that was done entirely at the shipyard by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello  Challenges are compelling if you try... Read more
Rio Granturismo 60, limited edition
An owner asking for full customisation is quite a challenge for a shipyard, if they pass it, they are ready to face any market: and thus, after the 58 and the Rio Granturismo 60, it will be the turn of the 62 by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello The Granturismo 60 was quite... Read more
Adler Suprema X, the flagship is coming…
The construction of the new Adler’s flagship, the Suprema X, is currently under way at the Alto Adriatico Shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy. Design by Nuvolari – Lenard, the launch is scheduled for 2019 by Alberto Conti The Suprema X Hybrid retains all the innovative features of the Adler Suprema introduced... Read more
Say Yacht 45 Carbon, super rib to travel at 65 knots
The Say Yacht 45 Rib Carbon is a Franco-German super rib created to be a fast tender to megayachts. At its fastest it can exceed 65 knots in speed by Massimo Longoni – photo by Virgine Pelagalli The Say Yacht 45 Rib Carbon is a boat with an incredible level of acceleration.... Read more
Arcadia Sherpa XL, an evolving species
With the Arcadia Sherpa XL, Arcadia the italian shipyard evolves  concept of the “pocket megayacht” onto a larger scale, further enhancing some of the design elements typical of the range and introducing new ones at the same time. The design is by the Hot Lab studio from Milan by Massimo Longoni The construction of the Sherpa XLhas... Read more
Heron 56, comfortable and efficient
Heron 56, with its unusual lines, is the first motoryacht to be produced by the shipyard founded by Roberto Bello. Our trial showed off excellent sailing capabilities with limited consumption. With two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines our speed exceeded 26 knots by Angelo Colombo – photo by Andrea... Read more
Princess F55: elegant, for travelling anywhere
As well as being very spacious inside, Princess F55  also handles well and offers absolute comfort, even in challenging weather conditions. The stylish interiors are somewhat Italian in appearance by Luca Sordelli – photo by Andrea Muscatello It seemed to be waiting for me. It arrived promptly, having just... Read more