BLUEGAME 62, flawless trim BLUEGAME 62, flawless trim
 The concept is by Luca Santella, the naval architecture is by Lou Codega, the design is by Zuccon International Project, the Bluegame 62 is a... BLUEGAME 62, flawless trim

 The concept is by Luca Santella, the naval architecture is by Lou Codega, the design is by Zuccon International Project, the Bluegame 62 is a boat designed to make life on board exciting, pleasant and comfortable. Thanks to two Volvo Penta IPS 1350s it does over 39 knots

by Francesco Michienzi and Fabio Bonini

Luca Santella is a unique and visionary designer who has succeeded in combining simplicity, irony, a light touch, intelligence and attention to the needs of an owner who is modern and well-informed.

A boat is not just a means of travelling well and safely, it is also a sum of values that are sometimes forgotten. Bringing them all together and translating them into a concrete project hasn’t been easy. His tenacity has enabled him to produce what is his idea of a boat. It isn’t a type that already exists, but rather of a cultural, functional and physical blend which draws from several different kinds of craft such as Fishermen, Navettas and Opensin a fusion that becomes a Sport Utility Boat.


The two models produced, Blugame BG 42 and  BG 62 boast large living spaces, practicality and on-board comfort. The impressive sailing performance is guaranteed by the input from Lou Codega, a naval architect with a very extensive knowledge of all types of hull. It is a piece of work in which everybody has brought their own personal contribution to make the project a success. In 2018, Bluegame started a new chapter in its history with the arrival of Massimo Perotti’s Sanlorenzo firm as a company shareholder.

Luca Santella told us:«The hull shapes were designed by Lou Codega. Normally I prepare a full preliminary 3D file of the boat used to check the external shape, the internal layouts and the hull shape. With this information we can have a good idea of the boat’s displacement and above all of its centre of gravity. At this stage Codega can start working on the hydrodynamic features of the hull: the shape of the strakes, the position of the spray strakes, the shape of the hull. He hands us back a file on which we will go on to produce definitive designs for the deck and interiors. This has been the process behind the design of all the Bluegamemodels up to today, and also of the Sanlorenzo SX».

Codega’s boats have always stood out because of the marked difference in the hull angles between the bow sections, with a very pronounced “V”, and the stern sections where the section angle is distinctly softer. This creates a boat, which delivers good performance in rough seas while also being able to plane even at low speeds, thus giving full control of the boat even in particularly challenging conditions.

Additionally, this kind of hull allows excellent performance with limited power, which limits fuel consumption. A careful look at the typical cross-section of the hull, from bow to stern, reveals the meticulous care that went into the design of its shape, with a double curve that clearly helps to increase the boat’s comfort and performance.

Santella explains: «One of the winning features of Lou’s hulls is the shape of the main strakes; they are, on average, smaller than those of boats of a similar size, but the way their angle is accentuated downwards makes them just as effective in terms of generating lift. The outcome is a boat that produces less spray and keeps it away from the hull, and so the boat stays drier and more comfortable underway as it has a smaller area of contact with the water. A lot of attention and care are given to the positioning and detailed shape of the spray strakes, another crucial feature affecting the boat’s performance».

The hull is made using a mould, and has a laminated block and sides and structural bulkheads in sandwich composite, all of it laminated with vinylester resin. The same procedure is followed for the bridge and the deck, which are also in sandwich composite and vinylester resin. The boat has been designed to allow the owners, their family and friends, to enjoy a full and safe experience of the sea. This translates into a practical and functional deck, a large beach area giving onto the sea, manoeuvring areas which are functional and safe, comfortable, elegant and sober interiors, a sea-going hull made for sailing with top-level performance in terms of speed, fuel consumption, comfort and safety.

Under deck the spaces have been divided up in a simple and functional way. The galleyn-dinette, which is located amidships, makes the two cabins independent: one of them has a double bed and is full-beam and amidships, and the other has two twin beds located on the sides, each with their bathroom.  The steering position is easily accessed by the side walkway.

The main propulsion is entrusted to two 1000 hp Volvo Penta D13s with IPS 1350 pods. The weight-power ratio is around 14 kilos per horsepower available. That is a fact that, on its own, explains the efficiency of the hull and the overall balance of the boat.


The sea test by Fabio Bonini
It’s a windy day, 17/20 knots from the East… we are going to have fun! There are three of us onboard. The water tank volume is 95% and the fuel one 23%. The captain is manoeuvring in a very small area, but all the motions are precise and the boat manages as if it had wheels on the road. We move out quickly. Visibility from the helm seat is incredible and at 360 degrees, a pleasure.

The sea is slightly rough and there’s a headwind, we come cross the waves made by other boats, but the Bluegame 62 can’t be faulted. We speed up. And we immediately feel the thrust and we are already gliding without the least effort, no pitch in the launch phase. At a rotational speed of 1500/min we reach 18.7 knots with a consumption of 114 liters per hour of fuel.

We speed up to 2000/min and we are at 27.9 knots. Even with waves against us, the boat is very dry and keeps a flawless trim. We push the throttles up to 2380 rpm, we are flying at 36.4 knots. We try to turn at 90 degrees, once again it seems as if we are still and the performance of the Bluegame 62 is absolutely impeccable. Even with this kind of manoeuvre and at this speed you feel as one thing with the boat… not a vibration, the steering wheel is smooth and soft as if the rudder does not exist. Even at lower speeds, the response of the steering wheel is immediate and soft.

Bluegame 62’s top speed is over 39 knots, and we reached it at 2,473 rpm in just under fifty seconds. Cruising speed can be set at around 2,100 revs which correspond to 29 knots, and which let us turn in a circle with a radius of around 160 metres, thanks to the action of the Humphrees, which keep the boat upright even when turning. At that speed the boat has a range of around 400 nautical miles.


The man  and the sea
«Two concepts, which are fundamental to explain the Bluegame world. A product created to experience the sea in its clearest interpretation, a synthesis of sea-keeping, performance and functionality in which each element is designed to link in a visceral way to the concept of sailing. Choosing Bluegame means choosing to live the sea, to ‘love and fear it’ as the great seafarers teach. Working alongside those who designed it first 18 years ago was the best way to deal with this experience with that passion and know-how essential for understanding and interpreting the essence of the philosophy at the base of a product so strongly thought of experience the sea».

Bernardo Zuccon

Concept Luca Santella
Design Zuccon International  Project
Naval Architecture Lou Codega
HULL LOA 18.80 m Length 17.40 m Maximum Beam 5.37 m Draft @ Full Load 1.40 m Displacement Dry (estimate) 24.0 t +/- 5%  Deadrise 17° Fuel tank volume 2.800 l Fresh Water tank volume 650 l Waste Water tank volume 300 Grey Water tank volume 300 l
Main Propulsion  2 x IPS VOLVO 1350 Power 2 x 1000 HP Generators 1 x 18 kW Max speed  39 knots +/- 5% Cruise speed 31.7 knots +/- 5% Max people on board 16
EC CertificationCAT “B”
Bluegame 62 price 1,575,000 Euro Excl.VAT as standard with IPS 1200

Via Marina di Levante 12
tel. +39 0584389754
[email protected]

(BLUEGAME 62, flawless trim – – Aprile 2019)

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