Benetti CLASS, classy models Benetti CLASS, classy models
The common theme in the extensive and varied Benetti Class range is the optimised use of space and the living solutions that meet the requirements... Benetti CLASS, classy models

The common theme in the extensive and varied Benetti Class range is the optimised use of space and the living solutions that meet the requirements of a large customer base 

by Maria Roberta Morso, photo by Thierry Ameller, Quin Bisset, Jeff Brown

To assist customers with finding their way around the Benetti universe, production has been organised into ranges. Along with its bespoke production, which includes the new BNow models Benetti has for some time now been offering a series of models with a high level of customisation which are part of the Benetti Class range.

The Benetti Class range is particularly extensive and has achieved significant commercial success. This could seem a general assertion if there weren’t the figures to back it up. This article isn’t about business figures though, it’s about products and the differences and features of these models.

The question that comes to mind is why develop so many products in the 95-145 foot range (i.e. 29-44 metres)? The answer is that Benetti knows the market well – the company has been influenced by it and influences it in turn, creating what could be called a ‘trend’. What’s more, with such an extensive offering the company can appeal to such a large customer base that once size has been decided, it’s only a matter of browsing through Benetti’s comprehensive catalogue to choose the type of yacht to buy.

Delfino 95 Benetti Class

Delfino 95’

This boat builder has never leapt into the unknown or offered models that break the mould in terms of design or technology, the company has continued to upgrade the ranges offered such that they remain on the crest of a wave. Upgrading models in the Class range has also saw the involvement of young designers who can bring in the right amount of new features.

There are three groups in the Benetti Class range: Classic, Fast and Oasis. The Classic range is split over 4 displacement models: Delfino 95’, Mediterraneo 116’, Classic Supreme 132’ and Diamond 145’. The Fast line contains the Fast 125’ and the Fast 140’. Finally, there’s the new arrival, the Oasis line, which currently includes the Oasis 135’.

Let’s start with the Delfino 95’, successor to the 93’ model, with its stylistic features reviewed and updated. Giorgio Maria Cassetta studied the exterior lines of the Delfino 93’ designed by Stefano Righini closely, and managed the difficult task of upgrading the model without radically changing it.

The result is a yacht with contemporary lines in addition to the distinctive stylish marks of all Benetti Classic models, such as the shape of the superstructure reminiscent of stylised dolphin fins.

«Looking at the Delfino 95’ you notice new style features, such as the large seamless windows without black painted frames, giving the impression of larger windows» states the exterior designer. Lines come together fluidly and the superstructure is edged with a small flybridge perfectly incorporated into the silhouette.

The outdoor space on the upper deck is enormous, and includes a dining/socialising area on the large aft terrace, and a relaxation area at the bow with settees, sun loungers and a jacuzzi. With its 28.95m in length and beam of 7m, the Delfino 95’ has a full load displacement of just 145 tonnes.

Ten guests can be accommodated comfortably in five cabins. The master cabin is on the main deck and the other four, two VIP and two double cabins, on the lower deck. If required the two VIP cabins can be connected via a sliding door. Built from GRP and carbon fibre to RINA standards, the Delfino 95’ has a pair of Man V8-1000 engines that enable a maximum speed of around 13.5 knots.

The Mediterraneo 116’ model made its debut halfway through 2017 with the launch of the first hull M/Y Oli. Here too the exterior design carries the hallmark of Giorgio Maria Cassetta, and the interior of the standard model is by Achille Salvagni.

Stylistic consistency with interiors in the Classic range is considerable, and the Mediterraneo 116’ is no exception. All the distinctive style features are there, from the shape of the bow to the design of the superstructure and large windows. This model is extremely spacious both inside and outside. «The space on board and the solutions implemented are comparable to those of much larger boats», explains the designer.

«The Mediterraneo 116’ has classic proportions and features with a contemporary vibe. That’s because we were imagining a yacht that could withstand future challenges without betraying the spirit of the most celebrated Benetti designs».

Benetti Class Benetti Mediterraneo 116' v44

Benetti Mediterraneo 116′

This model’s strengths are undoubtedly its comfortable living quarters, the bright interior, and a sun deck that stretches for roughly 80 m2. At the bow on the upper deck guests also have considerable outdoor space equipped with all the comforts, including a stunning panoramic pool.

A maximum number of twelve guests can be accommodated in five cabins. The large, bright master cabin is situated in the forward section of the main deck.

The lower deck has two VIP and double rooms, with sliding extendable beds and a third pull-down bed. Crew members have three double cabins on the lower deck and the skipper’s cabin is adjacent to the wheelhouse.

In this case too there is a high level of customisation with quality interiors. For example M/Y Mr.Loui, the second hull in the Mediterraneo 116’ range, has a layout that differs from the standard setup and the owner even asked for a lift to be included. A pair of 1600 horsepower Cat Acer C32 Rating D engines guarantee a maximum speed of approximately 14 knots, and a range of roughly 3000 miles at 10 knots.

That takes us to the Classic Supreme 132’. The only thing remaining of the Benetti Classic 115’, forerunner in this successful line, is a tribute to the model’s name. The design by Righini hasn’t missed any functional or stylistic detail. For example, when exterior manoeuvring stations are not in use they are concealed by turning into the topside. External space has been planned with expertise and this is a real maxi yacht in a length of not much more than 40 metres.

The Classic Supreme 132’ can even have two pools, one on the sun deck and the other at the bow on the upper deck. It’s often said, and is sometimes an exaggeration, that “…the yacht seems a lot bigger than its actual dimensions.” In the case of the Classic Supreme this is 100% true. Inside and outside areas are arranged such that they seem a lot bigger.

Indoor areas are bright and welcoming thanks to numerous windows on deck and below deck. François Zuretti has designed the interior in a mix of classic and contemporary styles, with the skilful inclusion of softness and warmth.

Electronics and systems on board are combined into one easy-to-use interface, the now famous BEST (Benetti Exclusive Sea Technology) platform, and the integrated navigation bridge developed in conjunction with Team Italia makes the boat easy and safe to handle.

The standard Classic Supreme model has five guest cabins. The magnificent master cabin at the bow on the main deck has a balcony with an ingenious and sophisticated opening mechanism that operates like a drawer. One section of the topside comes out, and the floor of the balcony in a double bottom lifts so it is flush with the floor of the cabin. There is enough space for two comfortable chairs and a breakfast table. A sixth guest cabin is situated in the 5th unit on the upper deck in panoramic lounge area, which is even larger and brighter than the master cabin and opens onto a large aft terrace.

Benetti Lady M

This yacht is extremely quiet and even when the two MTU 12V 2000M72 engines are going full speed with the Classic Supreme at 14 knots, the noise level is really low.

At the top of the Classic displacement category is the Diamond 145’, which has evolved from the Crystal 140’. The exterior lines of this yacht also carry the mark of Giorgio Maria Cassetta, who describes its main characteristics as follows:

«The Diamond 145’ follows in the tracks of the great Benetti tradition of GRP boats, but challenges some classic style features of the brand. There are new volumes and very rigid lines, sculpted areas more in keeping with much larger yachts. The continuous surfaces provide interesting detail, in addition to the cut of the bow and the continuous topside line from bow to aft on the main deck. Looking at it sideways creates a different perception of volume continuity, visually increasing the length of the boat».

The knowledge that a significant amount of time on board is spent outside has ensured that outdoor areas have been designed with the same attention to detail as indoors. The cockpit is very large, as are the aft terrace and bow area on the upper deck, equipped with settees, tables, sun loungers and a pool. Another outdoor area worth mentioning is the sun deck which, given its dimensions, can be as elaborately furnished as the owner desires.

The large windows allow indoors and outdoors to blend into one. The enormous lounge on the main deck, an open area more than 70m2, accommodates a formal dining and socialising area. Moving towards the bow leads to a master cabin preceded by a room that could be a study, gym or private lounge. On the upper deck the panoramic lounge has been designed with relaxation and intimate get-togethers in mind. There are four comfortable guest cabins at amidships on the lower deck, with the crew’s quarters at the bow.

The Benetti Class range also includes the Fast Displacement series with the Fast 125’ and the Fast 140’.

Despite its significant volumes, the Fast 125’ has dynamic but smooth exterior lines designed by Stefano Righini. Inside, RWD has incorporated three styles to appeal to clients of all ages, tastes and cultural settings – Air, Sea and Land.

The yacht develops over four decks with a semi-wide body and has five guest cabins, including a master cabin at the bow of the main deck equipped with two decent side balconies. The thruster used on the Fast 125’ is the Azipull Carbon (AZP C65).

Developed by Rolls Royce, the AZP C65 has an underwater unit with fixed pitch propeller, and one internally containing the hull propeller assembly flange, upper unit of spiral bevel gears and hydraulic steering with patented bearing system. The D2P® (Displacement to Planing) hull was developed by Pierluigi Ausonio in partnership with the Benetti engineering department.

The propulsion and shape create a high-efficiency hydrodynamic wave-piercing bow, enable top performance and make the boat very easy to handle. The yacht can sail in displacement mode at low speed with modest consumption, and change to planing mode which is much more efficient at high speed. Maximum speed is around 22 knots. Particular focus has been placed on distributing weight and the superstructure, made of carbon fibre and epoxy resins, weighs roughly 40% less than a similar structure made of conventional materials. Exterior space is arranged very conveniently and includes a large aft beach club. The water toys and tender garage opens up laterally, leaving the aft beach club available for guests.

The Fast 140’ completes the range in the Fast section. Stefano Righini designed the exterior and RWD the interior, though every owner is free to have the interior done by a designer of their choice. The layout can be changed and customised within the limits set by the compartments and systems.

Oasis 135’ Benetti Class

Oasis 135’

The yacht develops over three decks and a large sun deck. Five or six guest cabins are possible, and in the latter case a VIP cabin is situated on the upper deck. The hull has the D2P shape already seen with the Fast 125’, whereas engine power is provided by two powerful 3500 horsepower MTU 12V 4000 M93L engines that reach 23 knots, and guarantee a range of 1800 miles at an efficient speed of 12 knots.

The Benetti Class range has recently been enhanced with another model that belongs to a range known as Oasis still to be developed, the first one will be the Oasis 135’.

The name speaks for itself – this model is marketing itself as an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation for long pleasant holidays at sea. It has been designed by the British outfit RWD, and its lines differ from the Benetti tradition.

Precise, decisive lines create a sleek profile with great character, with stem rake contained significantly and the superstructure bordered by very large windows. Life on this oasis is mainly spent outside with a casual vibe, and the enormous informal aft beach club with pool, which is directly connected to a cockpit of similar length, demonstrates this perfectly.

Fully-equipped outdoor areas continue on the upper deck at the bow and sun deck. Indoor areas are designed and arranged to create continuity from inside to outside. The main lounge has lost its traditional feel and has been turned into a multi-purpose verandah surrounded by full-height windows that open onto the cockpit, thanks to large semi-circular sliding doors. There are five cabins including a master cabin the full size of the beam with a balcony on the main deck. The Oasis 135’ has been designed for younger clients who of course want comfort and luxury, but don’t want to be restrained by standard solutions for living quarters.

Analysing the Benetti Class model by model, what basically emerges is the focused and forward-thinking vision of the nautical market, and an approach I would dare to define as scientific in selecting types and solutions, in both technical and design terms.

This skill for looking at the present and imagining/building the future is the secret (or at least one of the secrets) of the success of the Azimut Benetti Group which, year after year, retains its position as international market leader.

(Benetti CLASS, classy models – – May 2018)

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