Swift Trawler 35, a winning approach Swift Trawler 35, a winning approach
The Bénéteau Swift Trawler 35 has a lot of room, handles easily and carries an inviting price tag. The new trawler from Bénéteau fits into the... Swift Trawler 35, a winning approach

The Bénéteau Swift Trawler 35 has a lot of room, handles easily and carries an inviting price tag. The new trawler from Bénéteau fits into the brand’s approach to design, which once again proves to be successful 

by Luca Sordelli, photo by Jerome Kelagopian

The formula works, and very well too. A small, affordable trawler with a lot of space available which moves easily. In 2010 the Swift Trawler 34 arrived on the market and was an important model for Bénéteau Powerboats, not just because it sold five hundred of them, but also because it literally dominated its segment of the market, without leaving much space for others. Three years ago it was the turn of the 30 and now comes the time for the 35, which has a completely new hull from the previous version, but has kept the design approach intact.



The deck reflects the very functional formula of the entire range: asymmetrical sidedecks (30 and 56 cm) that are well protected by the bulwark which also has a clever side opening alongside the steering position; a folding aft door that opens towards the transom, which is another very clever idea both for people who like to go swimming, and those who get into some serious fishing. Then there is a large sun area in the bow and a very spacious flybridge, measuring 410 x 225 cm, where – compared to the 34 model – the pulpits have been raised to 80 cm and the central mast has been removed on the specific request of owners of the 34. The three-panel glass door which links the cockpit to the central living area also works well, with a sofa bed to starboard, and a linear galley to port.


There is also a surprisingly large amount of space in the “basement”. In the bows is the owner’s cabin, with a projecting double bed and height of 196 cm, amidships there is a double cabin with bunk beds measuring 72 x 187 cm, and facing that is a 155 x 55 cm bathroom. The Swift Trawler 35 is 11.29 metres long (10.81 without the aft bathing platform) by 4 metres wide.

The semi-planing hull is designed to give good performance from ten to twenty knots and the top speed we got in the test, with a good amount of equipment and liquid on board, was 19.5 knots. The 425 horsepower produced by the Cummins engine really make themselves heard at that top speed. We registered nearly 80 decibels. It is much better at 13 knots, with almost no noise or vibrations and sailing is a pleasure at what could be considered the fast cruising speed, with really excellent fuel consumption figures: 47 litres an hour.


For people who really aren’t in a rush, at 11 knots – which is just above planing speed – it uses about thirty litres an hour, you just have to pay the price of travelling slightly nose up. The long central keel gives a lot of stability under way, but makes manoeuvres a bit more complicated. That’s why the boat is fitted with bow thrusters as standard, but a lot of people also ask for stern thrusters.

The starting price is 242,000 euros (sales tax excluded). That is a very attractive price, given that even in its full optional version it still costs under 300,000 euros. The strongly competitive pricing is one of the fundamental points on which the entire project is based, and that is also the reason for the fundamental choice of a single-engined set-up, which is something that Italian owners sometimes don’t like.

Andreani Design (interiors and exteriors) •  Bénéteau Powerboats (Naval Architecture)
HULL LOA 11.29m •  Maximum beam 4.03 m •  Draft 1.17 m • Light mass displacement 8252 kg • Fuel tank volume 800 l •  Water tank volume 300 l
MAIN PROPULSION 1 Cummions QSB6.7 •  Outlet mechanical power 312 kW – (425 hp) • Number of cylinders 6 • Bore & Stroke 107mm X 124mm • Total swept volume 6.7 l • Maximal rotational speed  3000/min •  Weight 658 kg
PRICE 242,700 € Exclusive VAT

Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Francia

(Swift Trawler 35, a winning approach – Agosto 2018)