Azimut Grande 32 Metri, power and comfort Azimut Grande 32 Metri, power and comfort
Stefano Righini has drawn on his immense creative ability to give life to a design with a strong emotional impact. The powerful exterior lines enhance... Azimut Grande 32 Metri, power and comfort

Stefano Righini has drawn on his immense creative ability to give life to a design with a strong emotional impact. The powerful exterior lines enhance the strength of stylistic elements that hide the spacious interior volumes

by Massimo Longoni

Azimut Grande 32 Metri is the result of a development process that the shipyard from Avigliana has enacted in recent years to improve nautical characteristics, performance, and on board comfort.

Thanks to an intense use of carbon in the construction of the hull’s superstructure and in the D2P hull with blade bulbous bow, the boat is lighter overall and has its barycentre moved more towards the bottom, which significantly improves both lateral stability and speed performance.

Azimut grande 32

In this manner, the shipyard has succeeded in reducing fuel consumptions and increasing range while maintaining the same engine power. The Displacement to Planing hull designed by Pierluigi Ausonio with Azimut Benetti’s centre for Research and Development, is the result of a design study based on the combined use of CFD software, FEM analysis, and multiple tank tests performed at the Brodarsky Institute in Zagreb.

This hull features a bow wavepiercer which increases the length at the waterline by 1.8 metres, with a significant improvement of the waterplane coefficient in displacement mode, reduced hull resistance, and a clear improvement of wave strike in rough seas.

Azimut grande 32

Another key trait of the hull is the double-chine, which reduces hull resistance at sustained cruising speed and improves stability in displacement mode.

Comparing the efficiency of this new generation hull against that of boats of the same size built by the shipyard in the early 2000s, shows a clear percentage performance improvement with peaks exceeding 30 per cent.

Onboard comfort was studied in every detail and particular attention was paid to noise reduction: elastic systems have been applied to the propulsion system transmission and modal analysis was introduced in the design process.

Azimut grande 32

This technique, taken from the aviation industry, makes it possible to study and predict all potential stress and vibrations that the surfaces with be subjected to, in order to create structures that minimise them and grant excellent acoustic comfort.

Particularly interesting are the results in terms of range and maximum speed. At a displacement speed of 12 knots, the Grande 32 Metrican easily navigate for more than 1,000 nautical miles. The engine room houses a pair of 16-cylinder V M86 Mtu engines of 2,200 hp each, which provide a maximum speed of 26.5 knots, while cruise speed is about 21 knots.

Azimut grande 32

The Grande 32 Metri was designed by Stefano Righini who has drawn on a combination of thoughts, actions, studies, experiences, and research that have made sure that every sign on the piece of paper is strongly supported by a search for harmony in shapes, colours, materials, ergonomics, comfort, and messages to savour and convey which, in their turn, imbue this perfectly functioning object with that extra something that makes it better and different.

Like the vertical bow, which is a characteristic sign of Righini’s way of designing. This is precisely the point where the relationship between form and function finds its most authentic meaning and is translated into this boat’s remarkable liveability.

A spacious stern beach club, the lateral garage that can house a 5-metre tender and a 3-metre jet ski, the full-height glazed surfaces on both sides of the full-beam owner suite are just some of the most interesting elements in this vessel.

The Fly deck has a usable surface area of 70 square metres and is divided into three areas: the bow space designed for dining, a central section decorated like a living room, and, finally, an area in the stern that can be furnished with a Jacuzzi and sun lounging area, or as another lounge. The stern beach club extends over a total surface of 18 square metres and was conceived in two different versions.

The first, more classic version, has an area that is ideal for those who want to go diving or enjoy water sports, with furniture and storage spaces specifically studied to store away the necessary equipment.

A second version was designed for those who love to enjoy the sea to the fullest on a sophisticated water-level terrace.  A structure with four carbon poles and super lightweight organza awnings protects the outdoor area and creates a unique covered terrace, adding a distinctly original touch of elegance.

The interiors are characterised by fluid surfaces, welcoming environments, simple and refined at once, in a seamless and well-balanced game between detail and function.

The spaces have been divided according to a succession of contrasts: full and empty spaces, surfaces with dark and polished wood alternating with large surfaces and portions of ceiling featuring light-coloured woods.

Every single detail has been carefully studied in order to convey and enhance the key themes of the interior design: selected pastel-coloured elements stand out against the broad chalk and butter-coloured leather surfaces and spread a sense of wellbeing in an atmosphere of utter relaxation.

Stefano Righini (Exterior design) • Pierluigi Ausonio (Naval Architecture) • Achille Salvagni (Interior design)
HULL LOA 32m Maximum beam 7.3m Draft 1.92m  Full mass displacement 142 tons Fuel tank volumes 16,000 lWater tank volume 2500 l
2 MTU 16V 2000 M86 • Outlet mechanical power 1630 kW (2186 hp)  Maximal rotational speed 2430/min
CERTIFICATION RINA Rules for Classification of Pleasure Yachts, Class Notation C HULL MACH Y                           

Via M. L. King, 9/11
I-10051 Avigliana – Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39 011 93 161
[email protected]                                          

(Azimut Grande 32 Metri, power and comfort – – Febbraio 2019)

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