Arcadia 105, total relaxation Arcadia 105, total relaxation
Daring to offer something different from the standard market fare seems to have really paid off for Arcadia Yachts, which has made a real... Arcadia 105, total relaxation

Daring to offer something different from the standard market fare seems to have really paid off for Arcadia Yachts, which has made a real name for itself and is reaping the rewards: one of its latest offerings is the A105, a versatile model available with different layouts to meet different requirements

by Maria Roberta Morso – photo by Alberto Cocchi

The news emerged in early February that Arcadia Yachts is starting 2019 with ten vessels under construction. The recent expansion of the yard, which now also incorporates part of the marina at Torre Annunziata, provides enough space to work on the construction of seven yachts in the fitting out phase and four in the lamination phase.

Work is currently underway on two A85s, two A105s, one A115, three Sherpas and two units of the new Sherpa XL, which will make its debut at boat shows this autumn. The aftersales and maintenance areas have also been expanded. The yard always has a hull and a deck available on spec, ready to fit out any model in the Arcadia range, as well as an A85Sherpa and Sherpa XLmodel ready for delivery. This means it is always able to cater to clients who don’t want to wait too long for their new yacht.


The Arcadia 105 RJ, which we saw at Cannes Yachting Festival, has proved a huge success for the yard. This is the third yacht commissioned from Arcadia by the same owner in the space of just seven years. «For us, this is the best possible recognition of our work and the relationship of trust that has been built up with this owner and his entourage over the years», states Ugo Pellegrino, CEO of Arcadia Yachts.

«His choices have matched his sailing philosophy, which we know inside out at this point: large communal areas for the day and cabins able to offer incomparable privacy and comfort. This is why he asked us to make the winter garden at the bow end of the main deck into a playroom for hosting a few select guests in an intimate environment or for enjoying the bow view and the natural sea breeze ensured by the two large side windows».

We have taken a close look at this interesting model and analysed the technical, layout and interior design choices in an attempt to understand the reasons behind the success of this Campania-based brand. The A105 represents a development of the A100, sharing the same platform and reviving its angled lines and extensive use of glazing.


The interiors have been styled by Hot Lab, which has managed to introduce a markedly architectural feel into the arrangement of the spaces and volumes. Michele Dragoni, Enrico Lumini and Antonio Romano have given the interiors a real character of their own, with a notable visual impact, thanks to their design sensibility and sophistication.

The A105 has the potential for extensive customisation. In fact, the yard offers a range of layouts to meet the needs of owners with different family make-ups and lifestyles. The huge windows are a constant factor, creating extraordinary continuity between interior spaces and the natural environment outside.

The full-height windows on the main deck consist of sliding panels that open up along around two thirds of their length, while, on the right and left side, a section of the bulwark drops down to create small panoramic balconies over the sea, while also extending the lounge both in practical terms and as regards the perception of the space itself. When the two balconies are open, the lounge is almost 10 metres wide. That speaks for itself.

One of the owner’s priorities was the creation of large communal areas. This is why the lounge on the main deck, which finds its natural extension in the spacious cockpit, is devoted entirely to conversation. Seated comfortably on the Flexform sofas, guests can admire the great outdoors while sheltered from the wind and sun.

Light dominates everywhere, emphasised and enhanced by the artworks chosen to set off the elegant interior design and by the lacquered surfaces finished in dark yet glossy colours.

The dining area is outdoors, sheltered by the protruding top deck and by sliding glass walls, as is the conversation area in the stern, made up of a series of corner sofas. One of the options features the master cabin in the bow, while the RJ has an ultra-panoramic playroom.

The solar panels on the roof permit the light to filter in, creating some attractive lighting effects, while the large side openings provide natural cooling in the form of the sea breeze. The owner requested the highest levels of privacy for himself and his guests. The master suite, positioned amidships on the lower deck, has been designed as a comfortable and pleasant environment for its occupants. It is brightly lit and spacious, measuring around 30m2, and features elegant furnishings with a living area to the starboard and a spacious bathroom.


The suite is accessed directly via a dedicated flight of stairs abaft section from the lounge. This unusual location is very practical and saves a lot of space. Guests also enjoy a great deal of privacy, with their areas being entirely separate from those occupied by the crew.

The guest sleeping quarters are accessed by a flight of stairs leading down from a small lobby. There are three guest cabins in total – two large double cabins and a smaller twin cabin. The crew access their quarters via a flight of steps next to the galley on the main deck. There is space for five crew members, including the captain.

Our tour continues two levels up, on the upper deck with a small panoramic lounge adjacent to a terrace to the stern and the dashboard. The flight of steps leading from the lounge to the top deck is highly original and could even be described as daring. It consists of a visible metal structure with no handrail and has such a strong visual impact it could almost be a sculpture. I should add that it is also very attractive. It will be interesting to see just how practical it is in a rough sea.

Although the dashboard is small, it commands an excellent view and is equipped with Furuno instruments with MaxSea software, which also provides guests with direct access to information on the route, maps and weather conditions. The superstructure is certainly large, but the clean lines and huge glazed surfaces create an original and distinctive line.

We have already mentioned two key aspects of the design. The third is also very interesting: silence. Floating floors and ceilings, which are not directly secured to the structure, have been used to minimize the noise from the engine room with its two Man V8 1000 engines, while the internal walls have been insulated with Laricross sound-absorbing panels with a reticular full-cell structure formed by Okoumè plywood and Styrofoam. The bulkhead which separates the engine room from the master cabin is lined with fibreglass and rock wool of different densities to prevent sounds of different frequencies from passing through.

As regards stability, the A105 is fitted with large stabilising fins. It is interesting to take a look at some of the technical characteristics and the performances. With its fibreglass hull and superstructure with large aluminium verandas, the displacement of the A105 when fully loaded is 134 tonnes, with a gross tonnage of 199GT. The total length is 31.57m, with a maximum width of 7.76m.

As we have already mentioned it has two 1000 hp Man engines, which can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. The sea test in good conditions highlighted the efficiency of the waterline/engine combination. At 9.5 knots and 1220rpm, the A105burns 4.6 litres per mile. This rises to 11.8 litres at 13 knots and 24.6 at cruising speed.

Over the course of around ten years, Arcadia Yachts has established itself as one of the most interesting names on the international yachting scene. Its founders have never been afraid to be daring and this approach has won them undisputed commercial success.

Arcadia Yachts
(Design and Naval architecture) • Hot Lab (Interior Design)
HULL: Building material Fiberglass • Length 31.57m • Beam 7.76m • Draft 2.01m • Displacement 134 t • Gross Tonnage 199GT • Fuel tank volume 15,600 l • Water tank volume 3,100 l • Grey water tank volume 840 l • Waste water tank volume 600 l
MAIN PROPULSION: 2 x MAN V8 1000 hp – Generators 2×33 kW, 1 x40 kW

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