AMT Luxury GT66, the granturismo AMT Luxury GT66, the granturismo
We tried out the new luxury RIB from AMT Italia, a company with extensive experience in the inflatable sector by Angelo Colombo We were... AMT Luxury GT66, the granturismo

We tried out the new luxury RIB from AMT Italia, a company with extensive experience in the inflatable sector

by Angelo Colombo

We were on board the GT66 Luxury RIB with Simone Baldassari, the company owner and the designer of the boat. The looks of the boat have been carefully designed, and it makes use of some of the best materials on the market. It makes contact with the water with a hull that has been developed as a good compromise between speed and seaworthiness.

The sea was rough during our test, and we were able to assess this latter characteristic and especially how it behaves with waves, which is definitely more than what a yachtsperson normally demands from their vessel. With the right rhythm you can keep up a good pace, and it is easy and fun to handle it safely. There is a high level of safety for passengers; there are no noticeable instances of loss of trim or roughness that could pose a threat to them and they always have grab bars available and well-designed ergonomical seats.

At the helm, and driven by the new Honda BF 250 it is inevitable that you get the urge to play with the throttle and have some fun, and that is what we did: this allowed us to appreciate the fibreglass hull which lets you get away with a few mistakes – which when you are doing over forty knots can happen. Despite the rough sea, the full tank of fuel and with four people on board, we did over 44 knots and, to tell the truth, the feeling was that we could have done a lot more in better sea conditions.

The Luxury GT66 was designed to fit a power unit of not more than 225 hp, but the quality of the hull and the new 250 hp Honda engine pushed the company to modify a few parts of the hull to also accommodate this powerful engine from the giant Japanese manufacturer. The outcome is that – thanks to a very carefully designed console, with a safe seat for pilot and co-pilot, with suitably-sized and well-positioned throttles and steering position – steering this RIB is really a lot of fun.

Visibility is always optimum because of the absence of obstacles and the position of the helm, while the places where you can rest your feet are just right and mean you can stay where you are, even when going a bit faster than what is advisable.


Families will appreciate the large bow sun area, the sofa aft of the console from where you can enjoy the ride, the sofa in the bows and the option of shading most of the deck. Anyone who drives the boat will appreciate the correct trim, that is ensured by a careful distribution of weight, the 260-litre fuel tank, the console (that is comfortable to use) and the safety that is imbued throughout with the instruments that are always easy to see, and a reactivity that is never excessive while always being ready, even in high-speed turns. As far as the construction is concerned, the lamination on the hull has been done traditionally, and infusion moulding has been used for smaller components like hatches and hoods.

The yard has already developed customised versions with the use of carbon fibre based on the same platform, which could be used as tenders for large yachts, for example. The tubes have been made with the excellent 1670-866 hypalon-neoprene by Belgian firm Pennel & Flipo, which is part of the Dupont Group. 

AMT Italia S.r.l.
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58100 Braccagni (GR)
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PROJECT AMT Italia • Naval architecture Simone Baldassari and AMT

HULL LOA 6.7m • Maximum beam 2.74m • Draft 0.6m • Light mass displacement 1.050 kg • Full mass displacement 1,800 kg • Fuel tank volumes 270 l• Water tank volume 70 l

MAIN PROPULSION 1 HONDA BF250 OHC V6 • Outlet mechanical power 183,9kW (250 hp)  • Number of cylinders 6V • Bore & Stroke 89×96 mm • Total swept volume 3.583 cc • Maximal rotational speed 5.300-6.300 rpm• Weight 287 kg • Gearcase Ratio 2.00:1


PRICE € 24.700,00Excl.VAT, bare boat • € 45.847,00 Excl.VAT, with the engine of the test

(AMT Luxury GT66, the granturismo – – December 2019)

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