Furuno INS Voyager System, full integration
The collaboration with Böning gives life to Furuno INS Voyager System, an increasingly integrated navigation bridge system, which now also includes all the new instruments of the Japanese brand by Niccolò Volpati In order to achieve integration, you need to speak the same language. The first hurdle for integration... Read more
Mase Generators: Stefano Campanelli is the new Sales Director
Stefano Campanelli joined the Mase Generators staff as Sales Director. The Cesena-based company, which has been in business for 48 years, is now in a phase of strong expansion. The entry of Campanelli, a manager with consolidated experience in the sector, is of fundamental importance for growth in international markets.... Read more
Veem Gyro, the little ones are coming
We tried out the efficiency of Veem Gyro ’s smallest gyroscope off Saint Mark’s square, in Venice, with the bow waves coming side on from vaporettos, ferries and ships. The VG120 was designed for vessels ranging from 50 to 130 tonnes displacement by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea... Read more
Ship Control, components for top boats 
LED lights, generators, windshield wipers, frequency inverters: even energy is custom-made and to get it you need experts, Susanna Baccili is the general manager at Ship Control, the exclusive distributor in Italy of avant-garde brands in the shipping component industry by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello Ship Control... Read more
Fusion, celestial music
It’s called Apollo, and it’s the new audio system from Fusion. The look is elegant and modern, with a touch screen that is fitted in line with the dashboard and control panels. Both the listening quality and the connectivity are excellent by Luca Sordelli Sound quality, ease of connection,... Read more
Seakeeper, to meet all needs
Seakeeper has a range of gyro-stabilizers for boats from 27 to over 85-foot in length. The European facility in the Marina of Lavagna, in Liguria, has opened by Massimo Longoni  The request for gyrostabilizers is getting stronger in the nautical markets all over the world. The American company, Seakeepr Inc.,... Read more
Humphree, how to achieve the ideal trim
Interceptors, stabilising fins, control unit, gyro-compass and accelerometer. This is the Humphree system, capable of boosting the performance of any boat by Niccolò Volpati Two blades immersed in the water. Arethey a help or a hindrance? I have to confess that my instinct is to answer that they’re a... Read more
Elka Design: form and function
Elka Design: taps, shower heads and shower poles, all carefully designed to be pleasing to the eye and easy to use by Niccolò Volpati In most of the hotels I’ve stayed in, I’ve cursed the designers responsible for the overly complicated taps in the shower. I don’t mind the... Read more
Quick, watch your STEP!
The Quick’s story: one step at a time, without ever stumbling. Michele Marzucco and Alfonso Peduto tell us how two friends who had worked installing onboard equipment have created a company, which turns over 30 million a year by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello “After 35 years’ working... Read more
Amare Group, when technology makes the difference
The firm from Modena Amare Group continues to grow, both in terms of its installations and in the technical research that goes into its products This is a time of rapid expansion for Amare Group, and in the past season the firm from Modena has come up with some... Read more